Transformed Mouse

Transformed Mice are very rare, and lets face it, pretty weak.  That said  they do have one very special power that made them the Ascended's secret weapon during the otherthrow of the Four Monarchs.

Transformed Mice are nearly all woman and nearly always pregnant.  There is no truth to the rumour that the Ascended keep a special trained Mice Commando unit in barracks under Disneyland.

Although Transformed Mice can be PC's.  I have written them up with GMC's in mind they are not prime PC material.  They can be a dangerous, annoying and rather subtle enemy.

Attribute Modifiers Bod -3, Per +3, Reflexes +2

Devalue            Chi: 8                             Shot: 9

Nothing can harm a Feng Shui site like an infestation of Mice.

The Transformed Mouse must spend eight hours solid in a Feng Shui site, inspecting every nook and cranny of the site, once this is done the shtick can be used.  A site that has "Got Mice" has its Chi subtly polluted so that those attuned to it suffer a run of bad luck.  Once per session the GM (or Mice Player) can reverse any roll that is made, or affects the character, for each player attuned to the site.  This can only be overcome by a geomancer inspecting the site for several hours and correcting the flow of Chi, of course the characters have to realise that something is wrong in the first place.

Lurk                   Chi: 8                             Shot: 3

You can make yourself invisible to others by hiding behind the most inadequate of cover.  Make a Martial Arts check with the Perception of the target character as the Difficulty; if successful, the target simply cannot see you.  If you are anything other than perfectly still while lurking, the GM adds at least 2 to the Difficulty of the check; the exact penalty depends on how much you are moving.  For each extra schtick you spend on this ability, you may affect an additional target.  When used against multiple opponents, use the highest Perception as the Difficulty .  Once you make the lurk check, you may continue lurking for as long as desired.  You only need to make another checkif you move, if you want to affect an additional target, or until someone you can''t target enters the area and spots you (in which case failure is automatic).

Scuttle                Chi: X                           Shot: 1

Add X (any amount of Chi you elect to spend) to your active Dodge rating until the end of the Sequence.

Squeeze             Chi: 3                             Shot: 8

You can contort your body in order to squeeze through holes as small as 12cm in diameter.  Spend another schtick to make the limit 6cm in diameter.  You can't increase this ability beyond 6cm.

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