The Biggest Gun...

By Niles Calder (additional ideas from Carl Craimer)

XM-215 "Predator" 18/12/100

A six barreled gatling gun, electrically powered and firing a standard NATO 5.56mm round. It was designed as a special man-portable version of the XM-214 minigun, for use in area-suppression. It was intended for a three man squad, of which two would carry additional ammo and tripod.

Firing this thing with live rounds at full rate of 4000 rounds a minute is akin to having 45.4kg of pressure on your chest - only your Big Bruiser types could 'realisticly' carry and fire it without falling over from the force.

Pulling the trigger on this baby fires 10 shots; the effective ammo rating of the weapon is thus 100, even when it is fitted with a 1000-round belt. Use the normal autofire rules from here, just remember that each 'round' is really 100 rounds. So, in order to get a damage increase of +1, you fire 30 shots, and so on.

I got the base stats from BTRC's More Guns and used G^3 to convert over to Feng Shui.

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