Mystic Warrior

By Alielle Taylor

Juncture: 69 AD

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi =5 (For =0), Mnd 5, Ref 5

Add 5 points to primary attributes. No more than 3 points to any one attribute.


Sorcery +8 (=13)

Martial Arts +7 (=12)

Info/Supernatural Creatures +5 (10)

Info/Taoist Philosophy +4 (9)

Medicine (Magic based) +5 (10)

Add 4 skill bonuses.

Schticks: 2 Sorcery schticks, 1 Fu or Weapon schtick

Unique Schticks: Know Evil - You can detect the presence of the supernatural when you concentrate. Perhaps you smell it, or the scar you received from a Hopping Vampire throbs, but when evil is near, you are awake of it. If you take a moment to concentrate, you can sense the presence of supernatural creatures, ghosts and abominations within 100 feet of you. This will work if they are hiding, transformed or even behind walls. You may not use this power continuously, but once detected, you will know the general area that these creatures are in and can follow them about, so long as they don't get further away from you than 100 feet. You are also knowledgeable about the weaknesses of such creatures, so you get +1 AV when attacking them. You do tend to think of all supernatural creatures as being evil, at least until proved otherwise.

Weapons: One melee weapon.

Quick Schtick Pick

Sorcery: Blast, Summoning,

Fu: Signature Weapon

Weapon: Staff

Wealth level: poor

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