Nuke: Big Bruiser / Ex-Special Forces

By Mike Surbrook

Nuke comes from Frank Miller's Daredevil story arc "Born Again." It was written some 10 years ago, but is still a fine story. Nuke was a supersoldier, made in an attempt to recreate the Captain America program.

Attributes: Bod 12, Chi 0 (Fu 4), Mind 6, Ref 8

Skills: Guns 14, Intrusion 10, Martial Arts 13, Sabotage 10

Fu Schticks: Path of the Leaping Storm: Prodigious leap (1/1) /Leap twice your Move rate

Gun Schticks: Carnival of Carnage x4/ Shooting at Mooks only takes 1 Shot, and takes them down on an Outcome of 3 or more.
Lightning Reload x3/ Betsy's M60 never runs dry of ammo.
Signature Weapon "Betsy"/ Weapon is indestructable and does an extra 3 points if damage.

Unique Shticks: Only Partially Human: Nuke makes Death Checks like a Big Bruiser/50 WP

Reds, Whites, and Blues: Nuke carries a supply of pills to make him more effective in combat. Reds give him a +1 to his BOD and REF stats for the duration of one fight. Whites repair 10 wound points, but he can only take one (additional whites have no effect). Blues are depressents, and serve to make Nuke "happy" during downtime.

Weapons: In combat, Nuke carries "Betsy," a modifier M-60 light machine gun. Mounted on top of the barrel is a standard VLAW rocket, while two rails (on to either side of the barrel) have small napalm charges. Under the barrel is the tube of a flamethrower. Ammunition for the machinegun is kept wrapped around Nuke's torso.

Punch (13), Kick (14), Combat Knife (15), Hand Grenade (23 point blank)

M-60 (13**/8/250) (this is the only part of the weapon Nuke can use his Lightning Reload schtick with)
VLAW Rocket (25 (as explosion)/-/1)
Napalm Charges (13/-/2) (Causes 1pt of Impairment to anything takes more than 10 Wound Points from the attack. This Impairment lasts until the napalm can be scraped away or neutralized.)
Flamethrower (14**/-/) (Any targets hit by this weapon take an additional 11 points of damage per shot for the next 8 shots.)

Appearance: Nuke stands about 6'3" to 6'6" tall and must weigh well over 275 pounds. He is solid muscle, with a thick build. He goes into combat bare-chested, dressed only in BDU trousers and boots. His belt holds a grenade, his gasmask and a first aid kit, while the knife is kept in a boot sheath. Nuke's hair is blond, and he has an American flag tattooed onto his face.

Nuke was created as part of the United States military super-soldier program. Since the formula used to make Steve Rodgers (i.e. Captain America) has been lost, a second solution was found. A select group of men were heavily modified with synthetic muscle, metal and plastics to produce a new "super-soldier." Nuke is the last of these agents, as the rest have all died (most likely in action).

Due to a steady diet of chemical enhancers, as well as extensive training and a strong dedication to duty, Nuke has become somewhat unhinged. He is a patriot to the point of being blind to his own actions, and is the perfect example of "my country, right or wrong." He is obsessed with freeing "our boys" from captivity in Vietnam, despised the "liberal media," and can even be talked into conducting a full-scale assault on a
New York neighborhood in order to destroy someone who Nuke has been told (in effect) is "anti-American."

Before entering combat, Nuke will pop a "red," a form of pill. I presume this to be an amphetamine of some sort that serves to accelerate his adrenaline. After combat, he will ask for a white, which I presume works as a reliever of pain and fatigue. When experience downtime, Nuke is fed blues, which I guess act as some sort of suppressant, keeping Nuke calm and stable.

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