Transformed Duckbilled Platypus

Transformed Duckbilled Platypus (what is the plural of this?) are all Australian Aborigines. They are small, rotund men (no women have been found). Who are often found dwelling near rivers.

They are very rare and do not have good relations with the Lodge, their Procure and Bewilder shticks are looked upon with distrust by the Ascended.  When the Lodge first sent agents to the Australian sub continent and they encountered the Aboriginal Transformed Animals (who were living in the open, so too speak) they subjected them to the same ruthless colonialism that was meted out to the Human Aboriginals.

Tranimal Platypus were the worst hit by this blatant racism, (probably due to the fact that they are so weird) and as such are very reclusive now, few have joined the Lodge and only one has reached any position of importance.  He is known as Enigma, and holds great power in New South Wales.

They are rarely found outside of Australia, but one or two have emigrated to Asia, because "the rivers are better"

Attribute Modifiers: Str -1, Chi +2 (hey, they are weird) Mnd +1, Cha+2, Ref +2


Chi: 3     Shot Cost: 0

Under the water the Platypus is in its element, and you gain the following bonuses +2 to dodge, Friend of Darkness Fu power, permanently on, Move +4 and you do not suffer from any modifiers for fighting underwater. For one Schtick this only works in freshwater, two shticks means that it also works in saltwater.


Chi: 5       Shot Cost: 3

Make an unarmed attack against an opponent, if successful you open up their senses to the Dreamtime and they can see just how weird you are. Not only do you do normal damage to your opponent , but you may also add your Outcome to the Difficulty of the next attack check that he makes. The opponent may counter this with orienting himself for the next three shots. The target may still passively Dodge, however. For each extra Schtick you spend, the amount of time to clear the bewilderment increases by 3 shots.

Poison Spur

Chi: X        Shot Cost: 3

Hit your opponent with a raking kick and add X to the Outcome of a successful strike.


Chi: 8          Shot Cost: 3

Platypus are weird creatures considered by many to be an amalgam of mammal, reptile and bird. This schtick allows you to strike another tranimal and steal one of his abilities. Strike your opponent barehanded and take one of his abilities. You  can use this ability as your own until the end of the Sequence.  If you purchase one additional schtick in this ability, this last until the end of the fight. If you purchase two additional schticks in this ability, this last until the end of the session.  While you have procured an ability the victim of that procurement suffers a -1 AV.

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