Plug Board

By Rupert Smith

Plugging in all your arcanoware can be a real pain. This little doofer is not really a schtick, and can be knocked up by any competent techie with some spare AI/O cable (fixit roll of 12).

Essentially, you put this device somewhere convient like on your belt, and plug it into all your AI/O ports, and then plug all your devices into the other side. Note: you're not actually plugged in yet, you can leave it like this until you pull the red slider on the front, which plugs all the cables together. Most models take four cables, but you can have more.

Upside: Spend one shot, and all your devices are plugged in. bonza.

downside: Add one to your end of session mutation check due to residual leakage. Also, whenever you pull the lever, make a roll. if you roll boxcars, the board jams, and you have to spend a sequence unplugging everything from everything else before you can plug anything in again.

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