Pain Whip

This is a favourite of the SERU squads sent back into the 69 AD Juncture, and is used in conjunction with the Wave Suppressor.

The thick handle of this weapon is made the chitinous shell of an insect, the whip itself is bone white and flexible and appears to be lined with stingers of some kind. If the weapon is picked up the handle irises open allowing the user to place his hand, and forearm within, if he does this, the weapon irises close again. Two cold eyes open at the end of the handle and the whip starts to move of its own volition.  This arcanodevice can be opened again by pressure upon a nerve cluster within the handle.

The Architect scientists have found that weak demons that have been poorly treated by their more powerful cousins,are the best raw material to manufacture Pain Whips.  This has led some to speculate that Pain Whips have somehow retained a certain level of sentience and "enjoy" their task.

The Monster Hunter gains a +1 to his Arcanowave Device skill, but only when using the Pain Whip.  The Whip aids its user in attacking it's target and can even attack foes that the Monster Hunter isn't even aware of.  It does a base 1 WP damage, but this damage is also taken as Impairment points, as mind numbing pain seems to ignite the victims nervous system.  The Impairment Points slowly bleed off at 1 per Sequence, until the pain vanishes. Of course there is nothing to stop the Monster Hunter from repeatedly whipping a target.  The Physical Damage is reduced by Toughness, but the Impairment is not

The Pain Whip is particularly effective against Abominations, Ghosts, and other Supernatural Creatures, further evidence of the theory that the device is somehow sentient.  All Impairment against these targets is doubled, although the physical damage remains the same.

When the Pain whip is worn, it inserts to needles into a nerve cluster in the thumb, and each time it causes another agony causes a blast of pleasure to the wielder.  Many believe that the hosts of Pain Whips become addicted to this sensation of pleasure, it has been noted that users of Pain Whips do become very sadistic.  Each burst of pleasure also causes 1 Mutation Point.

It has also been noted that once the user is mutated to the point that he is classed as an Abomination, the Whip no longer actively guards its user and also no longer gives the bursts of pleasure that it once did, depriving the new Abomination of the "charge" that it now craves and is dependent on.  Once Human Abominations that are addicted to the Pain Whip make some of the most dangerous sadistic creatures in the whole Secret War

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