The Kowloon Ripper and the House of Books

This Scenario was written with the unknowing help of David Eber, Jason Langlois, and Psychodelic Goblin.  Thanks Guys, you helped see us through "the dark days".


The Kowloon Ripper has been prowling the streets for two months now, he has claimed three victims, all woman, all killed by a maniac with inhuman strength and the skill of a surgeon. The victims were all found in lonely alleyways with the word "MOTHER" written on the wall in the victim's blood. Police believe that the victim was killed at another unknown place and carried here. This means that the murderer had to carry the victims blood in a receptacle of some kind, as the victims blood wouldn’t be suitable for painting purposes.

The word was written differently at each site, at the first it was MOTHER, at the second it was MOTHER, and at the third it was MOTHER. This obviously has led the police (and the press) to believe that the Ripper hasn’t finished yet…

Meanwhile, Shih Yet Kwai (means beautiful as a rose), is wandering the streets after witnessing her uncle being murdered by thugs from the Jade Imperial Society (a Triad organisation) as they took over his business, the Kowloon House of Books.

She immediately went to the police, where a large man who never told her his name questioned her. He only seemed interested in her uncles business, he only paid lip service to the fact that her uncle was murdered.

Something about this man seriously scared Shih and she left there as soon as she could, only to be chased by two men. She lost them in the maze of alleyways that is Kowloon and was wandering the streets wondering what to do.

It was then that the Kowloon Ripper struck for a fourth time, quickly stunning Shih with a blow to the head and then carrying her back to his lair. Is Shih Yet Kwai, to be the Rippers fourth victim?

The Scoop

The Jade Imperial Society are in the thrall of the Eaters of the Lotus, specifically under the control of Mak Shien a Eunuch Sorcerer and his Demonic Henchman, Sammy Chung.  The House of Books is of particular of interest to the Eaters as it is a means of them gaining information about the Twentieth Century , information they sorely lack.

The Ascended also have an interest in the House of Books and are dispatching a team to investigate the situation.

The Kowloon Ripper is a member of the Fists of Corruption.  The daily truck with demons and corrupted rituals has left him hopelessly insane, he now stalks the back alleys of Kowloon ritually sacrifising woman in an attempt to bring his Demonic Queen to the Earth.

Why the Heroes are hunting the Ripper

This is designed as a starting scenario, and these are the excuses for getting my heroes in on the action, change this to suit your campaign, characters and taste.  alternitively you could just ignore it.


Sally Kwon, was a regular at the Jazz Club, where you play. Although, there was no romance between the two of you, there was a definite possibility of one. Any chance of this was destroyed when Sally Kwon became the Rippers third victim. Since then, driven by revenge you have used your skills to hunt this maniac down and end his reign of terror. Disturbingly, since you have been on the track of the Ripper your sleep has been haunted by a recurring dream.

You see the Ripper, his face in shadow standing over Sally's body in the alleyway in which she was found, he is painting something on the wall dipping his paintbrush into an exquisite Japanese bowl decorated with stylised cranes.  Suddenly, his face comes into the light. It is yours…

After several nights of hunting you have finally come up with a possible lead. It seems that a particular underworld information broker, Slick Mikey Shiu has been trying to sell the location of the Kowloon Ripper for a couple of nights now, he hasn’t approached the police yet as "they don't pay enough".

Slick Mikey runs his "information brokerage service" out of a fortified apartment block near Kowloon airport. He is protected by his extended family of cousin's brothers and nephews.

The Apartment is truly fortified but has one Achilles heel, the guards smoke cigarettes on the roof of the building, they feel no one can get to the roof of the building as it is not overlooked by any other buildings…

An assualt on the apartment

On the roof are two of Mikey's goons they are armed with Norinco Type M1911 automatic pistols (10/3/7+1). If these two arent disposed of quickly , it is very possible that they may summon help.

The Ninja will then have to sneak through the apartment building attempting to find Slick Mikey, and "coax" the information that he needs out of him.

The Hero will encounter 2 seperate groups of 4 mooks each, these mooks will be armed with Norinco's unless an alert has been sounded in which case one will be armed with a Winchester or a M3 SMG. One of these mooks must be taken prisoner to lead the Ninja to Slick Mikey. Obviously these mooks can be avoided by Intrusion roles and a description of how he avoids them.

Slick Mikey himself will be going over some information in his office gaurded by 2 goons and Samo his bodyguard.

Samo and the guards will leap to Mikey's defence in a fight that will stretch across Slick Mikeys oppulent office and out into the hall, throughout the fight Slick Mikey will watch the combat, stopping it when things start to get too serious, asking the Ninja what he wants.

Slick Mikey readily tells the character of the Kowloon Rippers location, an school long since shut, The Jeffrey Chow Elementary School. All he asks is that you return and tell him what happened.

Cool Things that can Happen

Magic Cop

Your superiors have assigned you to the Kowloon Ripper case, there is believed to be a ritual element to the murders and they want you to stop him.

Your investigation has led you too the alley where the first body was found, your intention, to attempt to raise the spirit of the third murder victim and question her. You have attempted this at the other sites, but you sensed something powerful on the Other Side blocking you.

The alleyway itself is a dead end deep in the warehouse district of Kowloon, chalk outlines show where the corpse had been dumped and the word MOTHER is still visible on the wall protected by plastic sheeting. It is raining.

Once the summoning is attempted (automatic success) the air in front of the end wall appears to flex once, as if a pebble had been dropped into a pool. The character is nearly deafened by the sound of a woman screaming.

The form of a woman appears before you, she is pale and bears the horrible wounds that were inflicted upon her earthly form.

Conduct the conversation however you wish but she must say the following; "Help Me!!" Its Coming For Me, Kill him/It, He/It is at the Jeffrey Chow School, Kill him and Save my Soul. Remember my Name, Sally Kwon.

Suddenly two shadowy talons grasp the shade from behind and literally tear her to pieces, each part of her torn body blasts a hole in reality leaving a throbbing bleeding void. Through these holes there steps six strange twisted shadowy Demons , their twisted limbs ending in wicked talons. Strangely each demon is wearing modern day clothes. The Demons attack...

Cool Things that can Happen

Gambler and the Transformed Rat

The Gambler is on the run from his debtors, Sammy Chung of the Jade Imperial Society Triad has waited long enough for him to deliver his left thumb and has sent some of his soldiers to collect. The chase has led him to out side an old abandoned school, maybe in here he will find somewhere to hide.

The Gambler will stumble across the slumbering body of the Rat and the resulting clatter will alert the mooks outside where the heroes are.  Give the characters a couple of minutes too introduce themselves and then the mooks attack, both characters will have to fight for their lives...

Cool Things that can Happen

The Lair of The Beast

The rest of the heroes will arrive once this fight is over. They will then need to track the Kowloon Ripper down.

Cool Things that can Happen

This fight should lead to the House of Books, through Shih Yet Kwai

The House of Books will be occupied by Sammy Chung and 10 mooks, Sammy Chung will not Transform and should escape.

Standard Cool Things to do in The House of Books

The Acsended Investigate

Soon after this combat Doc and her enforcers will pay the place a visit, they are there just too look the place over and try to take it if they feel it is possible. If not she will report back to her superiors.

Cool Things that can Happen (see standard list)

It is quite possible that Doc will be convinced to help the heroes (this is what happened when I ran the game), in which case she will report back to her superiors on the heroes capabilities, she is very observant.

The finale

The Lotus will make a concerted effort to get the site back . Sammy Chung will lead his troops through the front windows while Ta Yu will fly his White Disciples through the second floor window and summon a Paper Elemental.

Cool Things that can Happen (see standard list)


The battles here will attract the attention of Kar Fai who will explain a few things to them...

Shih Yet Kwai may well survive the scenario and could possibly become romantically linked with one of the heroes.  In my campaign she had an interesting fate (see The Day the Human Race Died).

The Ascended will still be interested in the House of Books, maybe Doc will have a score to settle.

If Mak Shien survives he could become a re-ucurring thorn in the heroes sides.


Slick Mikey Shuis' Information Brokerage

Slick Mikey's Goons

Bod 5 Chi 0 Mnd 4 Ref 5

Skills: Guns 6, Martial Arts 6, Intimidation 8

Weapons: Norinco M1911 (10/3/7+1), Winchester 1300 (13/5/8), M3 SMG (10/5/30)

Sample Dialogue: "Did you hear something then?"

Distinguishing Marks: Just your average cheap punks.

Slick Mikey Shui, Information Broker

Bod 4 Chi 0 (For 4) Mnd 10 Ref 6 (Speed 8)

Skills: Deceit 16, Gambling 10, Guns 8, Info/Criminal Biz 16, Info/Business World 15, Seduction 13

Unique Shtick: Silver Tongued Devil /Can make an unnamed character believe him costs a Fortune point.

Weapon: American Derringer Mini Cop (11/1/4)

Sample Dialogue: "I take two types of currency hard cash and information"

Distinguishing Marks: A small dapper man whos eyes are constantly taking in and evaluating everything.

Samo, Slick Mikeys Bodygaurd and nephew

Bod 10 Chi 0 Mnd 5 Ref 8

Skills: Intimidation 14, Martial Arts 12, Guns 12

Weapons: E.T. "Series One Laseraim" 10/3/8+1, AMT Automag IV (11/3/7+1), Nunchaku 11, Sword 14

Sample Dialogue: "Whatever you say Unc... errm I mean Boss"

Distinguishing Marks: Large imposing young man, wears muscle shirts and track bottoms, shaved head.

The Alleyway

Pawns of Corruption, Demonic Mooks (6)

Bod 7 Chi 0 Mnd 3 Ref 6

Skills: Martial Arts 8, Creature Powers 9

Creature Powers: Abysmal Spines/+2 damage in hand-to-hand (claw?) combat.

Weapons: Claws (10), Kick (12)

Sample Dialogue: "The Master has marked you for Death"

Distinguishing Marks: Twisted shadowy demons with wicked claws, dressed in modern day clothes.

Jade Imperial Society Thugs

Jade Imperial Society Mooks (20)

Bod 5 Chi 0 Mnd 4 Ref 5

Skills: Guns 6, Martial Arts 6, Intimidation 8

Weapons: Glock 17 (10/2/17+1), Winchester 1300 (13/5/8), Uzi (10/4/40)

Sample Dialogue: "Lets get them."

Distinguishing Marks: Punks in Triad colours

The Lair of the Beast

Kowloon Ripper, Homicidal Nut

Bod 9 Chi 1 (Fu 7) Mnd 5 Ref 8

Skills: Deceit 12, Intrusion 14, Fix it 13, Martial Arts 14

Fu Shticks: Path of the Leaping Storm: Prodigous leap (1/1) /Leap twice your Move rate

Path of the Clever Eye: The Fox's Retreat (1/1) /Add +5 to your active Dodge

Weapon: Scalpel Fingernails (13)

Sample Dialogue: "MOTHER!!!"

Distinguishing Marks: Raving lunatic with Diamond hard serated fingernails, he wears scruffy street clothes and has a very unnerving stare.

The Ascended

Nicola "Doc" Westermaine, Transformed Rabbit and Ascended scout

Bod 4 (Mov 7) Chi 7 (For 2) Mnd 5 (Per 7, Cha 8) Ref 5 ( Agility 7)

Skills: Guns 13, Martial Arts 14

Transformed Packages: Leap (2/3) (x2)/ Can leap 4x your move

Flurry (x/3)/ Unleash a rapid flurry of punches, +1 dam per Chi spent.

Slamming Kick (1\3)/ Opponent is hurled back a number of metres equal to Outcome, Opponent must make a check on his Dodge Action Value with Docs Action Result as the Difficulty, or suffer normal damage from attackas well as being knocked back.

Bolt (1/1)/ Avoid your opponents attack with a swift leeap away from the attacks, +5 to Dodge

Weapon: Punch (5), Kick (6)

Sample Dialogue: "Whats up Doc?"

Distinguishing Marks: Appears to be a student (in her early twenties), she looks athletic, and very attractive she is dressed in jogging bottoms and a large loose University of Hong Kong sweatshirt, adorned with Bugs Bunny badges

Liquidators, Ascended Mooks

Bod 6 Chi 0 Mnd 6 Ref 7

Skills: Guns 9, Intimidation 8, Martial Arts 8, Driving 8

Weapon: Punch (7), Kick (8), Colt Python .357 Magnum (11/3/6)

Sample Dialogue: "The Boss says you die. We're gonna help you."

Distinguishing Marks: Appear to be large muscular Jocks from the University

Eaters of the Lotus

Mak Shien, Eunuch Sorcerer

Bod 5 Chi 2 (Magic 8) Mnd 7 Ref 6

Skills: Deceit 12, Info/gangland 11, Sorcery 15

Magic Shticks: Blast (Chi, Fire, lightening) Fertility, Movement, Summoning, Divination

Weapon: Blast (10)

Sample Dialogue: "I will not be thwarted"

Distinguishing Marks: your standard Eunuch Sorcerer, wears white robes and sticks out a mile

"Three Pistol" Sammy Chung, Demonic Gangster

Bod 10 Chi 1 Mnd 6 Ref 6

Skills: Creature Powers 13, Driving 10, Guns 13, Intimidation 12, Leadership 10, Martial Arts 13

Creature Shticks: Inevitable Comeback, Transformation (x2), Tentacle/20 WP, can stretch 13 metres

Gun Shticks: "Three" Guns Blazing

Weapons: 3x Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum (13/3/6)

Sample Dialogue: "This is our Business now, Leave or die"

Distinguishing Marks: Sammy generally stays in his human form, in the appearance of a well muscled Asian man in his mid-twenties. When things get rough, he'll use his Transformation to get a third arm (and a third pistol). However, when he is hurt or enraged, he will shift into his Demonic Form: a three armed, flaming haired, blue- skinned, scaled ball of blazing gun fury.

Jade Imperial Society Mooks

Bod 5 Chi 0 Mnd 4 Ref 5

Skills: Guns 6, Martial Arts 6, Intimidation 8

Weapons: Glock 17 (10/2/17+1), Winchester 1300 (13/5/8), Uzi (10/4/40)

Sample Dialogue: "Lets get them."

Distinguishing Marks: Punks in Triad colours

White Disciples, Sorcerous Mooks

Bod 5 Chi 0 (Mag 5) Mnd 6 Ref 5

Skills: Sorcery 7

Sorcery Shticks: Blast (Lightening)

Weapon: Blast (7)

Sample Dialogue: My sorcery will destroy you....agghh!

Distinguishing Marks: White robed sorcerous mooks.

Paper Elemental

Bod 4 Chi 0 (Mag 8) Mnd 2 Ref 9

Skills: Creature Powers 15, Martial Arts 12

Creature Shticks: Blast (Paper), Flight/ 4M, Abysmal Spines, Insubstantial

Weapon: Blast (10), Claws (7)

Sample Dialogue: None, just the whispering of paper

Distinguishing Marks: A vaguely humanoid form made from a a blizzard of sheets of paper.

Hope you enjoyed the scenario, let me know how it went I would be very interested to hear.

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