"Three Pistol" Sammy Chung

By Jason Langlois

Bod 10, Chi 1, Mnd 6, Ref 6
Creature Powers 13
Driving 10
Guns 13
Intimidation 12
Leadership 10
Martial Arts 13
Creature Schticks:
Transformation x2
Inevitable Comeback
Gun Schticks:
"Three" Guns Blazing (X3)
3 x Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum (13/3/6)

Sammy generally stays in his human form, in the appearance of a well muscled Asian man in his mid-twenties. When things get rough, he'll use his Transformation to get a third arm (and a third pistol). However, when he is hurt or enraged, he will shift into his Demonic Form: a three armed, flaming haired, blue- skinned, scaled ball of blazing gun fury.

Yes, it's what you think. Sammy uses Three Guns Blazing. Basically, it's like Both Guns Blazing with an extra gun. Damage is Dam + Dam + Dam - 3xTgh + Outcome. This can be pretty nasty, but is offset somewhat by Sammy's preference for revolvers (and the fact that it would take some 15 shots to reload them all).

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