The Schoolhouse

Although this Netherworld Feng Shui site is known as The Schoolhouse, it appears to be a small Eastern European keep, complete with pendants, adorned with the emblem of an unknown lord (A sword piercing what appears to be the sun) fluttering in a non existent wind.

Gutsy Mary, The Ghost schoolteacher, and a few dispossessed timeless other tutors, do their best to impart knowledge into the minds of many of the orphans that the Secret War has created in the Netherworld.

Obviously designed for warfare (it even has a moat), Mary has done what she can to make the Schoolhouse as homely and welcoming as she can to her wards. Many of the rooms are painted in bright colours (especially, the dormitories) and children's drawings hang in all the corridors. Mary has even installed televisions in a few of the rooms and convinced IKTV to broadcast some educational programs. Although IKTV seem to do this in the early hours of the morning, and Mary has been less than successful at procuring or shaping a video recorder, at this time.

The Dispossessed of the Netherworld are very proud of their school and its teachers, and many would flock to its aid should it be threatened. There has even been a request broadcast on IKTV for a skilled shaper who could fashion a park around the school

Benefits of Attunement

As well as the normal benefits of Attunement, the school seems to have an unusual effect on visitors that has been dubbed "The New Boy Effect".

The Schoolhouse isn't very large, yet newcomers find it very easy to get lost within its halls, visitors have to be taken (usually) by a pupil to whichever room or person it is they wish to visit. Otherwise guests have been known to wander the halls for hours. Those attuned to the site are immune to this effect, the children are usually attuned during their first day. This also, rather handily, also gives them a neophyte shaping skill.

Intruders must roll their Chi (Target Number 12) or become horribly lost. The amount by which they fail the roll is the number of minutes they wander the halls before arriving back at exactly the point they started. Furthermore, all Intimidation rolls made against these intruders are at +1 AV, as everyone seems that much more fearsome, wiser or downright cooler than those who aren't attuned.

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