Shih Archetype

By Gerry Saracco

"You have broken the mandates of Heaven, and now must pay the price for that folly. I am here to collect that price."

The Shih are wandering warrior monks who use magic and martial arts to combat the supernatural. Their history goes back beyond even the AD 69 juncture. Unlike the Magic Cop archtype, Shih don't kill every supernatural creature that exist. They are taught from the beginning that the supernatural does have a place in the mandates of Heaven, and as long as the supernatural being[s] don't overstep their boundries, they are to be left alone. Those that glutton themselves, or engage in random acts of destruction & terror for personal pleasure will feel the wrath of the Shih come down on them, and not even Heaven will save them from punishment.

Supernatural creatures, Sorcerors, even Transformed animals are the beings the Shih keep an eye on. If they get out of line, the Shih act. The Shih sometimes also deal with human prey, targeting rapists, serial killers, and those that corrupt or harm children [such as drug dealers & child pornographers].

Most Shih in the 1850 & contemporary junctures are lone wanderers, many of whom live the life of the homeless. Some families of Shih still exist, but they are rare. No one knows if the Shih still exist in 2056 or not.

Juncture: any

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 4 (Mag=8), Mnd 5, Ref 6

Add 5 to your attributes, spending no more than 3 points on any one attribute.


Deceit + 7 (12)

Guns + 7 (=13)

Info/Occult + 7 (12)

Info/Transformed Animals +7 (12)

Intrusion + 7 (=15)

Martial Arts + 7 (=15)

Medicine + 6 (14)*

Sorcery + 5 (=13)

*Shih who practice Medicine are actually practicing the AD 69 version, regardless of juncture, and thus base all Av's on Magic, not Intelligence.

Add 6 Skill bonuses. Swap Martial Arts and Sorcery if desired.

Schticks: 3 Fu Schticks

Sorcery Abilities: Summoning & Divination.

Unique Schticks: The same as in the Magic Cop archtype, plus the following: Shih have a modifier of + 2 AV when using the Divination special effect Revelation for determining the True Form of supernatural creatures & transformed animals.

Weapons: 3 weapons of appropriate Juncture, though Shih use guns as little as possible.

Quick Schtick Pick: Sorcery: Summoning, Divination

Fu Schticks: Thousand Fists, Spear Hand, Burning Ghosts

Weapons: 69: Staff, Sword, Bow

1850: Staff, Sword, Bow

Contemporary: Crossbow, Knife, Sig-Sauer P-220

2056: Buro 9, Knife, Staff [usually a random weapon of opportunity, such as broomstick, lead pipe, etc]

Wealth Level: Poor

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