Sentry Sphinx B12-7

By Thunk

"Usually I ask answers to a riddle and all that, but if you don't mind we'll skip to the eating part"

Demonic Riddler

Some SERUs were sent outside of China to look for useful creatures that could fit some specific needs. SERU Gamma-17 encountered sphinxes in the Middle East and they happened to be a more reliable and powerful alternative to the classic Temple Watchdog, the basic guardian abomination in CDCA labs. They are smart and keen, although they require lots of meat. They undergo a psychologic treatment to prevent them to ask questions to everyone who passes by, but if someone tells them a riddle, they must check their Will against a difficulty of 10 or stop and try to figure out the answer, which they invariably find in 8 shots. This is a big weakness, but when a 3m high winged lion, with a demonic face jumps on you, you often forget your enigmas.

Attributes : Bod 10   Chi 1 (Mag 8)   Mnd 6   Ref 6

Skills : Arcanowave Device15, Creature Powers 12, Info/Riddles 16

Creature Schticks : Flight/12M

Abysmal Spines x2/+4 Damage

Attack Rebound (Normal Bullets)/Bullets ricochet of your body. If your Creature powers check is higher than the action result that was fired at you, then the bullet attacks the shooter at their original roll. You can try to hit others using your Creature Powers AV at -2. If this fails then you may dodge normally.

Arcanowave Schticks:  Helix Rethreader/Large rifle that fires a beam of arcanowave energy. A character hit is affected for a number of shots equal to the Outcome. While affected, the victim takes 5 Wp's for each Chi point he spends (not reduced by toughness or armour). Also causes 1 pt of impairment per 5 WP's until end of fight.

Feedback Enhancer/Any Sorcery spell that targets you causes an automatic Backlash on the caster.

Damage : Claws 15

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