Razor Daemon A-001, Perimeter Defense Abomination

By Thunk

"'Thump ! Thump !"

Razor Daemon A-001, Perimeter Defense Abomination

Attributes:  Bod 16 Chi 5 (Mag 10)   Mnd 3 Ref 5

Skills : Arcanowave Device 11, Guns 14, Martial Arts 14, Creature Powers 15

Creature Shticks : Abysmal Spines X2/Damage +4 with claws.

Armor x2/Adds 4 pts to Toughness (20!)

Blast/Blades, base 12 damage.

Damage Immunity/Normal fire

Arcanowave Shticks: Threat Evaluator/Gives you the wound points of your opponents. Replace your Per stat by Arcanowave Device roll when noticing stuff.

Damage : Claws/Stomping feet (22), Blast (12), Anti-aircraft missiles (28/-/20), Paired flame throwers (14** plus 1 damage per shot for the next 8 shots)

Notes:This one is unique. A top-notch SERU team was sent to an ancient temple where a Demon Lord was rumored to have been sleeping for centuries. There was no Lord, only a powerful guardian minion defending a gateway to the underworld. A mighty battle ensued, the gate opened and the whole province was plagued by demons for months until Gao Zhang sent a group of Fire Thorns to close the gate. Meanwhile, the two survivors of the SERU team had managed to somehow kill the guardian and bring parts of his body (his blades-covered upper torso) back to the Biomass Reprocessing Center.

The CDCA technowizards managed to reconstruct it, replacing his legs by 3 metallic spider-like appendages, growing a small head between his pectoral muscles and implementing him with various instruments of massive death. RaD A-001 is sent to highly sensible areas where heavy attacks are expected, such as ArcanoTowers. It is capable of taking out airborne as well as ground forces. He is a terrible vision : 12m high on his arachnoid legs, huge blade-projecting arms and this tiny baby face with an almost innocent look in his eyes !

Special : His weakpoint is situated in the articulations of his legs, they have a Tgh of 10. 10 Wound Points would break a leg and hinder RaD-001 movement, two legs off, and it can't move anymore.

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