The SubVersives

By Doug Dawson

Okay, I needed a group of underwater Jammers to attack a lake-bottom site. Not finding anything easily, I created these guys. My PCs are a group of 7 who wiped them out but suffered heavily in the process, even with the help of an enchanted Turtle who let them breathe as long as they were in contact with him.

The SubVersives are a specialized Jammer group who handle aquatic operations (usually demolitions, natch). Their biggest advantage is that most of the other factions often overlook the underwater route, though most of them can manage something (the Lotus can summon up a water demon if they think of it at an appropriate time, the Ascended have a few Transformed aquatic animals, the Buro does have special underwater teams but they have their own missions, and the Hand is just out of luck for the most part).

Generally, Zipper scouts out the target area, while DepthCharge carries the explosives, which are then emplaced by the SubStandards (though DepthCharge can do that herself). Skree only comes into play if there are problems.


Attributes: Bod: 14*, Chi: 0, Mnd: 10, Ref: 8

*DepthCharge gets no Toughness versus electrical attacks.

Skills: Guns 13, Martial Arts 12, Fix-It 15, Info/Marine Biology 15, Sabotage 15,


No one's really sure what DepthCharge's name used to be. It's speculated that she was a marine biologist who worked for the Buro. All that's really known is that her battered body was brought to a Jammer island base by Skree and Zipper. Her condition was so bad that they had to pretty much go for a full cybernetic conversion. They were going to turn her into a tank, but when she had recovered enough to communicate, she insisted on being turned into a submarine instead.

Now, she's not of too much use to the Jammers usually, but when she is useful, she's indispensable. She always works with Skree, Zipper, and the SubStandards.


Bright yellow mini-sub with two prominent gripper arms and a bubble sticking out of the roof with a head in it. It takes 20 damage to break the bubble, which won't in itself hurt her, but her head only has toughness 5. There are minimal treads on the bottom of the sub, allowing for limited cross-land travel.

Weaponry: Gripper Claws (14), Automatic Spear Gun (12), 6 Explosive Spears (20(takes an extra shot for her to select one, detonates on the shot after impact), 2 torpoedoes (27 big explosion), GateMaker

Skree and Zipper

Skree and Zipper are Chromosome Screamers, but instead of apes, they were created by fusing demonic matter with dolphin embryos. Skree is utterly hideous, its skin a roiling mass that moves on its own, and has a sonic blast. Zipper's natural form appears scaled, with sharp scale edges jutting out all over...but Zipper has mastered the Transformation schtick and can appear as a normal dolphin, apart from a scar crossing the left eye. They use the standard Chromosome Screamer stats, though with the schticks noted above added, as well as being effectively Amphibious.

The SubStandards

The SubStandards are a group of half a dozen mooks (Guns/Martial Arts/Sabotage of 8). The only thing that makes them better than your average mook is that they've been given cybernetic SCUBA. They look normal, but are perfectly at home in the water. They have six-shot automatic spearguns (DV 12). (The term SubStandards was a joking name for the whole SubVersive group, but the mooks adopted it for their own.)

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