Trench Coat Abominations

By Thunk

Unnamed salty stalkers

These are made out of Gnarled Marauders offspring, and used as patrol squads in places where flocks of Flying Ogres would appear suspiscious. They dress in long coats and hats to hide their trunk-like body and their unique unblinking yellowish eye. They have a distinctive smell of dead fish around them, and might be the source of rumors for undead sailors and deep ones in some remote wharf areas. They attack silently, sending the tentacle arms to crush your throat and slice you open with their laser scalpels. When they die, they dissolve in their own acidic blood, leaving no trace of their presence.

Attributes:  Bod 7  Chi 0 (Mag 6)  Mnd 4   Ref 6

Skills : Creature Powers 9, Arcanowave Device 7, Intrusion 7

Creature Schticks : Tentacles x2//20 WP, can stretch 9metres

Laser Razors (post-modern Abysmal spines, use AD skill)/+2 Damage

Caustic Death (Treat as a 15 damage Blaze of Glory)/When you die, your body explodes.  This causes 15 points of Damage (before Toughness) to anyone within 1M.

Damage : Laser-enhanced tentacles (10)

Special : The tentacles have a Dodge of 12, and they must be cut off before you can close in and finish the monster. Unless you have a way of getting past them, as usual.

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