Vibro Blade

This sword does not have a blade as such, but is more of a polymer club with a super lightweight generator attached to the hilt it is heavy and requires two hands to use, the generator has a heavy duty handle fitted and this weapon is wielded like a chainsaw.

When the generator is turned on it causes rod to vibrate at such a rate that it is able to saw through armour, flesh and bone. The damage from the Vibro sword is Str +4 and can kill or incapacitate a mook on a Outcome of 3 or more. It also destroys any armour that the target may be wearing (or reduce a Armour Shtick by one point for the rest of the fight).

On a Way Awful Failure the Jammer manages set the oscillation of the rod so high that it literally flies apart, doing a base damage of 10 to anyone within 5 metres. Mooks in this range are automatically hit, literally falling apart as wafer thin pieces of the blade slice them like salami.

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