"Ahhh.....more gristle for my mill....I shall savour your screams of pain"

Vivisector, Abomination Scientist

Attributes:  Bod 7 (Str 5) Chi 1 (Mag 8)   Mnd 7 (Per 8, Cha 1)  Ref 7

Skills : Creature Powers 11, Arcanowave Devices 13, Info/Arcanotechnology 15, Info/Anatomy 15, Info/Buropolitik 13, Intimidation 9, Deceit 13, Fix-It 12

Creature Shticks : Abysmal Spines/Damage +2 with claws.

Arcanowave Shticks: Wave Suppresser/Grenade launcher that fires a globe of foul blue ectoplasm. Any Ghost, Supernatural Creature or Abomination that is hit becomes paralysed for a number of sequences qual to the outcome. If victim takes wound points while paralysed they may roll their Willpower adding damage taken (Diff: 13) to break free.

Wave Scanner/Goggles that make your eyes fiery and demonic. +2 to dodge vs. Sorcery, Fu or Arcanowave.

Dissection Package/The Vivisector can mutate one of his arms in a variety of tools useful for the dissection of an unmoving living target, such as hyperdemic needles, bonesaws, scalpels etc. One of the favourite tools for it to manifest is a variable mass scalpel (for cutting through particularly dense muscle tissue or armour plates). The Vivisector can use the VM Scalpel in combat. Intimidation +4 when manifesting the Dissection Package.

Unique Shtick : Knowledge is a Deadly Weapon/If a Vivisector has dissected a species before then it has an intimate knowledge of that species capabilities, and more importantly, where it can strike to do the most damage, this causes +2 Damage. All Vivisectors have Dissected a Human Being, but all other types (Ghost, Tranimal, Demon etc.), must make a Fortune Roll (Diff: 3). If they fail the Vivisector has dissected one of them before also.

Damage : Claw (6), Variable Mass Scalpel (9)

Notes: These Abominations are in the enviable position of knowing more about Arcanotechnology and R&D than many CDCA scientists. They have recently clandestine allegiance with the Uber-Abomination Homo Omega. Their plot is unknown, but will not bode well for either the Buro or the Human race as a whole.

They were recently instrumental in the (secret) dissection and destruction, of the Demon Lord, Xhu War, The Eternal, at the direction of Omega. This has advanced Omega's plan, and he was very pleased with the results.

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