Wraith Firearms

By Dave Blewer

Wraith Firearms are the result of Architects of the Flesh attempting to utilize the insubstantiality powers of certain Ghosts and Demons found in the Netherworld and the 69AD Juncture.

The firearms look like antique Chinese muskets or pistols, however close examination reveals that the wood grain of the stocks forms screaming human faces. They also sport an AI/O lead and a fleshy "out of phase" cable that twists in the air.

If an Arcanowave user feeds this cable into his eye (yuck!) he is able to utilise the trapped spirits Insubstantial power and see targets who are hiding behind cover or even behind walls. Each Sequence (or portion thereof) that this power is used gains the user a Mutation Point.

Also any rounds fired by the Firearm are also charged with ghostly ectoplasmic energy and can pass through barriers and cover (but not Armour), they pass through the air with a high pitched keening shriek, and tear reality as they pass giving glimpses of one of the myriad of hells that exist in other dimensions. Thankfully these dimensional rifts heal in a second or so, but this effect convinced the Arcanotechnicians not to produce a fully automatic version of this weapon. Firing a round garners the user a Mutation Point.

Base Damage for these bullets is 7.

A Kind GM might specify a substance that both the eyepiece and the bullet cannot pierce, for each Wraith Firearm used. An even kinder GM might make that substance available on the battlefield.

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