Wheel of Fire

By Rupert Smith

This is what you get when CDCA researchers take too many pills, and then play old Playstation games.

The wheel of Fire is a yo-yo. It's a fairly standard version of the type, although the reddish flesh consitency may be a clue. The string has a ring to put your finger through, with a short AI/O cable connected to it.

When the yoyo is plugged in, it alters somewhat. most notably it becomes a seven spoked 40cm wheel of fire, with a cord that can extend up to 15 metres. The wheel can also fly about in a most unyo-yo like manner (although it will still return to its user), allowing you to pull off all kinds of flashy stunts. For the pedants in the audience, it only manifests the wheel of fire while spinning, so you can catch it or carry it plugged in, without burning your hand off.

Damage is 12, counting as sourcery damage for immunities. on a WAF the string gets tangled, you have to unplug it and spend a sequence untangling and rewinding the string. It puts down mook on an Outcome of 4 (represents not the damage, but the fact you can swing it in huge arcs easily).

Looking back at it, this weapon was probably remaindered after field testing for being too much fun, but hey, you can give it to some Jammers.

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