Originally Created by Roger Zelazny

Name: Bentley
Total: 138 pts
Nationality: American
Height: 3'4" Weight: 80 lbs.

Damage Location Table

Hit Location
Left Leg (5)
Right Leg (5)
Left Foreleg (5)
Right Foreleg (5)
Torso (10)
Head (4)

Body 2
Coordination 1
Sense 5
Brains 3
Cool 2
Command 2
Base Will 10
(81 points for all normal Stats)

Archetype: Joker (2pts)

Source: Genetic (free); Permission: Hyper Trained (5 pts); Intrinsic; Inhuman (-8 pts); Wilful (5pts);

Super-powers (12pts)

Hyper Scent 2d +1wd (12pts)

Skills: Bluff 3, Crime Network 3, Hearing 3, Lie 3, Planning Capers 3, Run 4, Stealth 3

Appearance: The Wild Card Virus has mutated Bentley into a vaguely humanoid dog-like appearance, complete with a reddish brown fur, floppy ears and fleas.

Description of Skills

Crime Network (Command): This skill allows you to know the right person for the wrong job. They feel no great loyalty towards you (hence this isn't the Contacts Background) but they will work for you if paid enough.

Planning Capers (Brains): This a variation on the Tactics skill that deals specifically with criminal activities rather than battlefield manoeuvres.

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