Brain Trust

Originally Created by Walter Jon Williams

Name: Brain Trust AKA Blythe van Renssaeler.
Total: 358 points
Nationality: American
Height: 5'5" Weight: 112 lbs

Damage Location Table

Hit Location
Left Leg (5)
Right Leg (5)
Left Arm (5)
Right Arm (5)
Torso (10)
Head (4)

Body 2
Coordination 2
Sense 2
Brains 3
Cool 1
Command 4
Base Will 11
(76 points for all normal Stats)

Archetype: Ace (15pts)

Source: Genetic (free)
Permission: Super (15pts)
Intrinsic: None

Super-powers (42pts)

Telepathy 4d (D, R, U) (Extra: Mental Armour level 1 +6; 22pts)
Absorb Skills 2hd (R, U) (Extras: Skills absorbed are permanent +6/+12/+24; Flaws: Attached to Telepathy -1/-2/-4; Mental Strain -2/-4/-6; Slow-1/-2/-4; 20pts)


Children: Blythe has three children; Henry 8, Brandon 5 and Fleur 3. She has invested 2 of her Base Willpower in each of them. She also has an estranged husband- Henry Snr, but has nothing invested in his well being at all.

Skills (225pts)

Astronautics 4, Biochemistry 4, Bluff 4, Brawling 3, Computer Use 4, Education 5, First Aid 4, Language (French) 5, Language (German) 5, Language (Russian) 5, Language (Takasisian) 5, Lie 4, Martial Arts 4, Mechanics 4, Medicine 5, Mental Stability 1, Nuclear Physics 4, Perform (Dancing) 4, Perform (violin) 3, Pilot (Baby) 5, Pistol 2, Politics 4, Relativity 4, Resist 4, Rocket technology 4, Seduction 5, Surgery 4, Sword 4

New Power:

Absorb Skill (Robust, Useful Outside of Combat)

Brain Trust can absorb Skills memory and even the personality of a subject whom she is telepathically probing; the subjects come to no harm during the process. These personalities are permanently stored within her mind. Every time she absorbs a mind she must make a mental stability roll and hope to score a match. If she fails either her Mental Stability skill or her Cool stat is permanently reduced by 1, if her Cool should drop to zero she will become irretrievably insane. If she ever fails a normal Mental Stability check then one (or more) of her other personalities takes control of her body.

So far she has absorbed the personalities of Albert Einstein, Wernher von Braun, Edward Teller, Robert Oppenheimer, Jonas Salk, Dr Tachyon and her husband Congressman Henry van Renssaeler.

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