Dr Tod

Originally Created by Howard Waldrop

Name: Dr Tod
Total: 190 points
Nationality: American
Height: 5'10" Weight: 200 lbs

Damage Location Table

Hit Location
Left Leg (5)
Right Leg (5)
Left Arm (5)
Right Arm (5)
Torso (10)
Head (4)

Body 2
Coordination 1
Sense 1
Brains 4
Cool 5
Command 3
Base Will 9
(80 points for all normal Stats)

Archetype: None

Wealth 4hd (40pts): Dr Tod can live comfortably on a day to day basis and can afford anything up to $750 (remember this is wartime prices - not todays). If he liquidates his entire capital he can amass a total fortune of around $40k


Skills: Brawling 2, Crime Network 4, Cryptography 3, Forgery 3, Health 3, Intimidation 3, Leadership 3, Lie 3, Mental Stability 3, Pistol 2, Planning Capers 3, Resist 3
(68 pts)

Description of Skills

Crime Network (Command): This skill allows you to know the right person for the wrong job. They feel no great loyalty towards you (hence this isn't the Contacts Background) but they will work for you if paid enough.

Planning Capers (Brains): This a variation on the Tactics skill that deals specifically with criminal activities rather than battlefield manoeuvres.


Half of Dr Tod's face has been replaced with a steel plate (from an earlier encounter with Jetboy). This effectively gives him LAR 2 in the head.


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