The Sleeper

Originally created by Roger Zelazny

The Sleeper is really the sticking point of any Wild Card conversion I think. I know that when I attempted this in Aberrant the Sleeper was the one character that I just couldn't get a handle on (maybe I just wasn't being imaginative enough).

For those of you who haven't read Wild Cards, every time Croyd Crenson falls asleep he awakens with a new body and new powers. He is terrified that he will be stuck with a Joker (mutant) body and as such fights to stave of sleep through drugs, often becoming psychotic in the last stages of his sleep deprivation cycle.

How can Wild Talents model The Sleeper? Cosmic Power, that's how.

Crenson has one power Cosmic Power 10d, every time he awakes he rolls this power and multiplies the width of his roll by 100 this gives him his point total for this cycle. If the waste dice are mostly even then his Archetype is Ace, if odd then he is a Joker. In the case of a tie, roll a single die to determine his archetype.

His powers are determined in the usual way, spending his allotted points however the player (or more likely, GM) wishes. The only power that he has never really exhibited so far is Hyper Brains.

The Sleepers skill list:
Brawling 3, Demolitions 1, Dodge 2, Health 4, Mental Stability 2, Plan Caper 2, Stealth 2,Resist 4

Croyd also has 3hd in the Wealth Background stat.

Any other skills would be Hyper Skills gained with every new form he finds himself in upon waking.
His addiction to drugs and fear of sleep should probably be modelled through role-playing his mania, but if you really need a mechanic: Croyd can stay awake for a number of days equal to twice his Body stat. Once he starts getting sleepy however, every day that he fights sleep reduce his Cool by 1but add 1 to his Body, once his Cool is reduced to zero he is totally psychotic and extremely dangerous.

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