The Great and Powerful Turtle

Originally Created by George RR Martin

Name: The Great and Powerful Turtle AKA Thomas Tudbury
Total: 263pts
Nationality: American
Height: 5' 10" Weight: 160lbs

Damage Location Table

Hit Location
Left Leg (5)
Right Leg (5)
Left Arm (5)
Right Arm (5)
Torso (10)
Head (4)

Body 2
Coordination 2
Sense 2
Brains 3
Cool 2
Command 2
Base Will 4
(65 points for all normal Stats)

Archetype: Ace (20pts)

Source: Genetic (free)
Permission: Super (15pts)
Intrinsic: Wilful (5pts)

Super-powers (163pts)

Telekinesis 9d +1wd (A, D, U) (Extras: Endless (When not Threatened) +1/+2/+4; Lifter Level 1 (when not Threatened) +6; Multiple Targets Level 3 (When not Threatened) +18; No Upward Limit (When not Threatened) +4/+8/+16; Flaws: Reducer (When Threatened) Level 9 -18; 123pts)
Will Battery Level 10 (Flaws: Only when in Shell -2/-4/-8: 40pts)

Skills (21pts)

Electronics 3, Education 3, Knowledge (Comic Books) 3, Knowledge (Wild Card lore) 2

The Great and Powerful Turtle's Shell

A Volkswagen Beetle covered in surplus battleship armour.

Flight Speed: NA (Flight power allows a max flight speed of 45 yards a round (70 miles an hour)
Heavy Armour: 10 (30 structural points)

Damage Location Table

Shell (20)
Speakers (2)
Cameras (8)

If the Shell's speakers are destroyed, then the Turtle cannot communicate with anyone on the outside without leaving his shell. Speakers are effectively Replaceable Foci.

If 2 points of camera are destroyed then that effectively creates a blind spot in the Turtles sight, and if attackers approach from that side the Turtle is unaware of them. Cameras are effectively Replaceable Foci.

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