Dwarf Archetype

Dwarves (80)

Base Archetype (35pts)

Source: Paranormal (Free)
Permission: Super (15 points)
Intrinsic: Resilient (10 points), Unaging (5 points), Willful (5 points)

Powers (37pts)

Deadly Level 1 (A, R) (All attacks x2; Only against those who have the Goblinoid or Orcish Archetype; 6pts)
Immunity Level 1 (D, U, R) (Poison -2; 4pts)
Immunity Level 1 (D, U, R) (Magic -3; 3pts)
Perceive 2hd (D, U, R) (See perfectly in the dark +0; 16pts)
Perceive 4d (D, U, R) (Can detect traps built into stonework as well as determine approximate depth underground -2/-4/-8; 8pts)

Skills (8pts)

Appraise 2
Craft 2
Common Language 2 (free)
Dwarven language 2 (free)

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