Savage Dungeons & Dragons

New Combat Edges

Arrow Cutting

Requirements: Novice, Agility d10+, First Strike.

Attempts to hit you with a projectile are treated as a "Ranged Weapon in Close Combat". This works only if the projectile is not faster than a crossbow bolt. If you are unarmed when attempting to use this Edge then the attacker gets a +2 bonus to his Shooting roll as per the Unarmed Defender rule.

Far Shot

Requirements: Novice, Notice d8+, Shooting or Throwing d10+

Missiles often travel further than person firing or shooting can effectively aim. This Edge allows you to increase the effective range of missile or thrown weapons by one-half.

Example: The elven archer Dwindolin Wren-Eye has the Far Shot Edge and his bow has a effective range of 18/36/72. The orcish war chief Grug Shatterthrow is feared for his ability with throwing axes, which in his hands have an effective range of 4/9/18. The triad sniper feared by the Hong Kong police force and codenamed Mileshot has an effective range of 75/150/350 with his Barrett Sniper rifle.

Hail of Arrows

Requirements: Heroic; Phase Arrow

The arcane archer can fire an arrow at every target within range up to a maximum number of targets equal to her Shooting skill at a -2 penalty to her Shooting skill. Resolve each damage roll separately. The hero must be careful for this ability can quickly exhaust her supply of arrows if not used sparingly.

A character may not use Hail of Arrows in the same round that she uses Marksman.

Hated Enemy

Requirements: Seasoned, Knowledge (chosen enemy race) d8+

For some reason the character with this Edge harbors an all consuming for one particular race or type of creature in the gameworld.

Every time he slays one of his chosen enemy race who has a Strength and Toughness at least as high as his own (including armor and other enhancements) in single combat, he gains a benny. If the character receives any form of aid from any source (boost trait, flanking allies) then he forgoes the benny.

Precise Shot

Requirements: Seasoned, Marksman Edge

Your character only hits Innocent Bystanders when he rolls a 1's on both his Shooting and Wild dice.


Requirements: Novice, Agility d8

When you are targeted by a free attack --such as when you are disengaging from melee or attacked by a foe with the First Strike Edge --your opponent suffers a -2 to his Fighting roll.

Trademark Armor

Requirements: Novice, Strength d10+

Your hero has a unique suit of armor; maybe it displays his family crest and has been handed down for generations or has been made from the hide of a dangerous beast that you slew in combat. Whatever the reason the armour fits you extremely well, its weight is halved when figuring encumbrance.

This Edge can be applied to Shields.

Improved Trademark Armor

Requirements: Veteran, Trademark Armor

As above but now the character also gains a +2 to his Parry.