Savage Dungeons & Dragons

New Professional Edges

Arcane Archer

Requirements: Half-elf or elf; Arcane Background (Magic), Marksman, Trademark Weapon (bow or crossbow)

Arrows fired by the arcane archer become magical and inflict +1 damage. Such enchanted arrows glow with a magical nimbus.


Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Vigor d8+

Those who have had formal endurance training or are naturally tough have this Edge. It adds +2 to all rolls made to perform feats of endurance or strength (such as foot chases, swimming and lifting rolls), and +1 to all thrown weapons damage rolls.


Requirements: Novice, Vow (protect the balance of nature), Arcane Background (Miracles), Spirit d6+, Faith d6+

Druidic powers use the natural environment around them to power their spells. This gives them an almost inexhaustible supply of power.

Spells cast in a rural environment can have their Power Point cost reduced by 1 for each raise the druid gets on his Faith roll. The druid must have the points available to cast the spell in the first place before rolling.