Battle priest Trappings

There are nine gods in the Sundered Skies, of which seven can be worshipped by Player Characters...

Below are the spell trappings for Battlepriests, priests who worship the Battlelord. The Battlelord is the deity who both promotes and limits all combat, his priests can be savage berserkers or clever diplomats negotiating peace between two islands.

Armor: The subject’s armor visibly improves, any slight blemishes disappearing. If no armor is worn then a phantasmal suit of chainmail and a helm is conjured.

Battle Lust: With much gesturing and shouting the battlepriest is able to channel slivers of his gods long repressed rage into the warriors that surround him. The priest is immune to his own spell.

Boost/Lower Trait: The battlepriest summons a shade of a fallen warrior who partially possesses the target of the spell, this shade then either helps or hinders the targets actions. This spell cannot affect traits linked to Smarts.

Deflection: Shades of fallen warriors are summoned, who parry incoming attacks with their phantom weapons.

Detect/Conceal Arcana: The Battlelord grants his priests with the ability to detect dangerous magical artifacts on the field of battle; similarly the ability to mask relics until they are needed can give a warrior a great advantage.

Fly: The subject of this spell is borne aloft by the shades of dead warriors.

Gaze of the Matriarch: The battlepriest is able to call upon a pact made between the Battlelord and Lady of the Winds, in order to slow cowardly fleeing foes.

Greater Healing/Healing: The subject of this spell mentally relives the wound that he suffered, reviewing what he did wrong.

Hull Heal: The priest is able to conjure the spirits of sailors that died in battle due to an unskyworthy vessel; these shades swarm over the ship repairing all damage they find.

Obscure: The best battle is the one already won before the first blow falls. Battlepriests are able to create areas of darkness from which ambushes can be sprung. The darkness springs from an Obsidian bladed dagger.

Quickness: A Shade of a warrior slain in battle fights alongside the subject of this spell; he doesn’t gain the initiative bonus with a raise, but instead gets a +1 gang-up bonus, even if he is fighting alone.

Smite: The weapon not only inflicts usual damage, but also causes old wounds to reopen.

Soothe Anger: With a touch the battlepriest is able to calm a warrior’s fury. Ice forms momentarily on the subject of the spell.

Speed: The battlepriest summons the shade of a warhorse. This shade possesses the warrior and gifts him with its speed. It should be noted that horses are somewhat rare in the skies and cavalry is even rarer.

Stun: Battlepriests are not usually natural diplomats, but are forced into the role. They often find this massively frustrating. A priest that has learnt the stun spell can channel this frustration into a scream that stuns all around him. Center the Burst Template upon him, all those within reach of the priest suffer a further -1 on their vigor rolls. The battlepriest is unaffected.

Telekinesis: Battlepriests can summon warrior shades to wield weapons dropped on the field of battle. The priest can only use the telekinetic weapons effect of the spell, but the cost of the spell drops to 2 Power Points.

Zombie: Battlepriests can raise the corpses of slain warriors to continue the fight. The corpses cannot have been dead for longer than one day and sleep cycle (roughly twenty four hours) and they cannot remain animated for longer than 1d6 hours.