Drakin clans worship and serve the dragons of the Sundered Skies. Their weapons and armor are crafted to resemble their patrons; drakin ships have dragon figureheads, scaled hulls and huge wings worked via a complicated system of pulleys and rods.

The drakin clans dwell on a series of islands collectively called the Dragon’s Spine, in cities carved from island bedrock. Comfortable and well-appointed buildings sport carvings honoring dragons. Drakin cities have Foreign Enclosures where those of other races live. These are cosmopolitan places, popular amongst adventurers and other entrepreneurs, happy to take advantage of these (mostly) unregulated trading ports.

From the moment they are hatched, drakin are taught the lore of their dragon lords, learning the triumphs and defeats of their clans and masters. Those who show an aptitude are taken into the priesthood where they become one of the Chosen. Many drakin choose to venture out into the skies to find their place in the world. Elderly drakin frown upon this wanderlust, often forgetting their youthful follies.

Chosen who show great skill, wisdom, and luck have the potential to become dragons themselves. The transformation from drakin to dragon is a long one and most commoners in the Sundered Skies are not aware of any direct link between the two races. Those rare drakin that do exhibit enhanced draconic features and abilities are considered to be drakin nobles by most folk.

Drakin are a friendly, though quiet race, with a natural aptitude for the magical arts. They are also well suited to the roles of scout and thief.

Drakin are slight, rarely taller than four feet high. They have hairless, scaly skin that can vary greatly in color from white through deep red to a metallic bronze or gold; each clan a different color. Drakin from the same clan appear very similar to the untrained eye, even something as basic as the sex can be indistinguishable. Drakin live between 80 and 100 years. Those who undergo the transformation to dragons live much, much longer.

A drakin who goes glowmad becomes a terrible winged monstrosity known as a wyrmspawn. They are sly, dangerous killers who take great delight in taking magical artifacts from their owners and using their abilities against them.