Mike Surbrook's Anime Extravaganza

By Mike Surbrook (D'uh!)

Bean Bandit, Big Bruiser

Attributes: Bod 11, Chi 0, Mnd 6, Ref 7

Skills: Driving 16, Info: Chicago Area 14, Info: Chicago Underworld 12, Intimidation 1, Martial Arts 13

Driving Schticks: Jackrabbit Start 2/+2 to Initiative when Driving
Greased Lighting/ Driving Shot costs are reduced by one

Unique Schticks: Signature Armor/ Bean's jacket (and the rest of his clothing) is heavily armored, combining titanium mesh and ceramic plates. 9mm rounds will just bounce right off with no problem. Bean's gear gives him +3 Toughness with *no* loss of Agility (due to his great strength).

Whirling Knife/ Bean doesn't carry a gun, he carries a heavy hunting knife. His strength is such that he can hurl this knife with the same effectiveness as a bullet. If Bean hurls his knife it does Base Damage of 14.

Bean is the creation of Kenichi Sonoda, a gentleman who states that two of his favorite movies are "The Blues Brothers" and "Gone in 60 Seconds" (cool by me). As you might guess, this means that Mr. Sonoda is
a serious gearhead and Bean's world is populated by big American muscle cars and hot European speed machines.

Bean stars in the anime "Riding Bean" and appears sporadically in the manga "Gunsmith Cats". In both cases, he is a courier-for-hire. For a mere $45,000, he will drive *anything* or *anyone*, *anywhere*. This
includes deliveries, performing as a get-away driver, escort service etc.

Half-Japanese, half-Native American, Bean is tall and well muscled. He seems to stand between 6'3" to 6'6" and weigh 225-250 lbs. He has thick black hair and dark eyes. A large 'X' shaped scar is centered just above
the bridge of his nose (the result of an exploding engine block). He usually wears a red headband to cover the scar. The rest of his costume is boots, jeans, a black tank top, a leather jacket, black fingerless driving gloves and sunglasses.

Bean has access to a large number of cars, but he seems to prefer a heavily modified Mustang Mach I (+2/10). Bean doesn't bother with guns, but has been known to pack a mean throwng knife.

Weapons: Fist (12), Kick (13) Whirling Knife (14)

Devil Hunter Yohko (aka Mamno Hunter Yohko), Martial Artist (Yohko Mano)

"I hold no enmity against those coerced into evil; But to those vile beings who toy with the hearts and souls of men, Since the time of the Ancient Gods, we have been your destroyers! Now the 108th Devil Hunter, Yohko, is here... Beware!"

Yohko Mano
Attributes: Bod 4, Chi 0 (Fu 1), Mnd 5, Ref 6

Devil Hunter Yohko
Bod 6, Chi 0 (Fu 8), Mnd 5, Ref 9

Skills: Info: Demons 11, Info: Mano Clan 11, Info: Shinto rites 8, Martial Arts 15

Fu Schticks: Path of the Leaping Storm: Prodigious leap (1/1) /Leap twice your Move rate
Abundent Leap (2/3) /Leap 4X Your Move rate
Flying Sword (3/3)/ Add your Move to Damage Dealt
Loyal Steel (1/3)/ Throw any hand -to- hand weapon a range equal to 3m x Chi stat. Weapon returns to hand at no cost .
Vertical Charge (3/X)/ Run up a Vertical surface for X shots and add X to your Martial Arts skill.

Path of the Selective Master : Signature Weapon (0/0)/+3 damage and the weapon is indestructible.

Unique Schticks: Yoma Ring: This ring allows Yohko to go from her normal form to her slinky dress-wearing devil hunting form. It takes one shot, and includes her clothing shredding and reforming around her. If Yohko is
untransformed, her Martial Arts in only 8.

Flying Dodge/ Yohko is very good at evading attacks, in both her forms. Her Dodge AV is at +2.

Yohko Mano is a member of the very old Mano clan. For over 2,000 years this clan has been defending Japan from incursions of 'yoma' (a generic term for demons, devils and other supernatural beasts). Yohko is the
108th of her line, trained in the arts of devil hunting by her grandmother, Madoka Mano.

The Mano's got their start when Haruka Mano, the first devil hunter, defeated the demon Tokima and sealed him away. Since then, Tokima has managed to periodically break free, sending incursions of demons and other
foul creatures to trouble man. It's the job of the Mano clan to send these creatures back to where they came from.

Yohko is not alone in her quest, however, she has her grandmother - a once-powerful devil hunter in her own right - to help her, as well as Azusa Kanzaki, a junior devil-hunter in training. Yohko's mother, Sayoko, doesn't believe a word of this, and calmly goes about her daily business of putting food on the table (and meeting single men) instead of risking life and limb defending Japan from the supernatural. Oh well, to each their own...

Yohko is a 16 year old school girl, but this being anime that doesn't say much. She looks to be fairly tall, with long legs, a narrow waist and hips and a surprisingly large bust. She has dark eyes and brown hair that
would come down past her waist if she didn't keep it tied up in two ponytails. As Yohko, she wears typical Western dress; as Devil Hunter Yohko, however, she wears in a very tight one piece Chinese styled sheath
dress that is slit up to the hip on either side. The dress is red with gold trim and has a ying-yang symbol on the chest. Yohko also wears gold bands at the wrist and ankle and black slippers to complete her
devil-hunting outfit.

Yohko normally carries her Yoma Ring. As Devil Hunter Yohko she also has access to her "Sword of the Soul", or Soulsword for short. This is a two-handed, straight bladed sword about the size of your average katana,
with a large axe-blade forming part of the crossguard. It can be used as a normal sword, or Yohko can separate the blade and use just the axe (she did this once when the blade itself got stuck in a monster). The sword
can also be used to generate the traditional 'sword-energy' so common to anime. Yohko winds up, takes a mighty swing, and sends a line of energy streaking towards her opponent. She's done this twice, generating a
simple cutting attack the first time, and a bolt of fire the second. The sword can also be used to block similar attacks. Several times a yoma will toss a bolt of fire Yohko's way, she'll hold up the sword and the
bolt either dissipate against the blade, or be harmlessly cut in two. Finally, the sword can be recalled to Yohko's if knocked away or left behind. She simply has to hold out her hand and summon it.

The sword allows Yohko to cast the Blast (fire) Sorcery Schtick. Use her Martial Arts AV, and the blast will do 17 points of Damage. She can use the sword to parry other Blasts, but only on attacks that target
her. Finally, she can cause the sword to reappear in her hand, that this takes 1 shot, and the sword has to be reasonably close by.

Weapons: Yohko Mano Fist (5), Kick (6). Devil Hunter Yohko Fist (7), Kick (8), Blast (17), Soulsword (13)

Grey Death, Ex-Special Forces

Attributes: Bod 7 (Tgh 9), Chi 0 (For 4), Mnd 7, Ref 8

Skills: Driving 15, Guns 15, Info: The Enemy and Enemy Tactics 10, Intrusion 10, Martial Arts 10,Sabotage 10

Gun Schticks: Carnival of Carnage 4/ Firing at unnamed characters onlt takes one Shot. You put them down on an Outcome of 3 or more.
Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs/ +2 to Perception rolls. If you succeed add the Outcome to your next Guns or Active Dodge roll.

Unique Schticks: Can't Kill Me 'Cause I'm The Hero/ Grey takes death checks like a Big Bruiser.

Signature Helmet/ As long as Grey is in possession of Lips' old helmet, he adds +1 AV to all Skills.

Grey Death is found in Yoshihisa Tagami's manga "Grey." He's a soldier fighting in Battle Theater 807 in what used to be the southwest USA. His plan is to become a Class A trooper and then a citizen, which means he
will no longer have to fight.

Grey's world is a mess. Most of it is dry and dusty, and the oceans are now brown instead of blue (well, what's left of them anyway). Towns wage constant war on each other, as the computers who run each town will only
give special benefits to troopers, and the higher your rank, the more you get. Grey himself is a legend, constantly coming back from missions alone. His philosophy is simple "I don't want to die", so he doesn't. He
will also sacrifice people around him in order to survive, especially if they give him stupid orders.

As written, Grey makes an excellent Jammer. He is very good at blowing things up, and eventually decides to bring down the whole computer system that runs his world. He likes the idea of living free and not under the
thumb of machines (or the Buro).

Grey is Asian (Japanese most likely), and of average height with a thin build. His eyes are blue-grey and his hair is pale grey-white. He dresses in typical fatigues and wears a battered helmet labeled "Lips" (complete with a large set of pursed lips). There are two bullets holes in the right temple of the helmet (Lips is Grey's old lover).

Grey carries whatever weapons he's been issued, but usually has a Colt 1911A.

Weapons: Fist (8), Kick (9)m Colt 1911A (10/2/7+1)

Jei, Modified Killer

"My actions are not my own! I am merely an emissary of the gods! My blade
finds the evil in this world and destroys it!"

Attributes: Bod 6 (Con 8, Tgh 7), Chi 5, Mnd 5 (Per 6, Wil 8), Ref 8

Skills: Info: Tactics 12, Intimidation 14, Intrusion 10, Martial Arts 15

Weapon Schticks: Symphony of Slaughter 4/ Firing at unnamed characters onlt takes one Shot. You put them down on an Outcome of 3 or more.

Fu Schticks: Path of the Selective Master : Signature Weapon (0/0)/+3 damage and the weapon is indestructible.

Unique Schticks: Blade of the Gods/ Jei's spear is a black-bladed weapon, and is a perfect reflection of his soul. Anyone hit by this spear suffers 13 points of damage (this includes the bonus for it being a Signature Weapon) *and* the effects of a 7 point Soul Twist as the spear tries to draw out the victim's soul. Mooks who are killed by this weapon die with expressions of utter horror and agony.

He'll Be Back/Since he is such a cool badass villain, Jei has a form of Inevitable Comeback. Unless he is killed by a magic weapon or sorcery, Jei *will* return from any seemingly fatal injury or incident. Note that this schtick requires that Jei's death be in doubt; vanishing over a cliff and falling into a river is one example of this schtick in action.

Unique Limitation: Eerie Presence/ Simply put, Jei gives normal people the creeping heebie-jeebies. His eyes are pupiless, his voice is like one from the grave, and it is cold whenever he is around. Although his is not a
Supernatural Creature (I think) Jei suffers from the Horrific Appearence limitation.

Jei's origin is a complete and total mystery. His initial appearance in Usagi Yojimbo looked to be a one-shot, until Stan Saki brought him back again and again for further adventures with Usagi.

In his first appearance, Jei fought Usagi and attempted to kill him for being "evil." A bolt of lightning ended the fight, and Jei was presumed slain. He later appeared as a bandit leader and captured Jotaro, Usagi's
son by Mariko. The resulting fight with Usagi pitched Jei off of a cliff and into a river. He was found by a fisherman and recovered to full health. Killing the fisherman, Jei then encountered Keiko, the "innocent" and with her traveled about seeking Usagi. Along the way, he found the sword Kusanagi (Grasscutter) and fought both Usagi and Gen for its possession. He wounded both - Gen severely - before dying on the blade
of Grasscutter. As his body turned to ash, it would seem that this death is for good... or is it?

Jei is utterly insane. He spoke at one point of being possessed by a burning fever and then awaking with the knowledge that he was the "blade of the gods" and it was his duty to destroy evil in all its forms. The only problem is that Jei sees evil in everything and everyone. He has slaughtered whole shiploads of people and an entire processional party of a daimyo. Jei's main desire however, is to kill Usagi, so that he may then
die and take his place among the gods.

Although Jei is a sociopathic killer, he doesn't slaughter people wantonly. Usually he needs to be provoked to start one of his rampages. Of course, considering his nature, provoking Jei can be accomplished simply
by talking to him. For example, Jei will not bow to any lord, or any processional - he is "above" such things. When pressed to do so by a lord's retainers, Jei pronounced the retainers (and their lord) "evil" and
carved up the lot. If not hassled, however, odds are Jei will not trouble anyone himself.

Jei is a tall anthromorphic wolf with *very* long black hair drawn up into a samurai topknot. His eyes are white and empty of pupils, while his fingers have long claws. He wears a long black kimono with white trim, a
pale yukata and a white obi. In the obi are thrust a katana and wakizashi, while Jei carries his yari in his hand. The yari is normally kept sheathed, but when the blade is revealed it is dead black.

Jei's appearance is fairly frightening in of itself, but his voice is supposed to be "like one from the grave." Jei also seems to radiate cold, or at least the temperature drops when ever he is around.

Campaign Use
I'd put Jei in the Netherworld. He could be some strange, forgotten juncture that no longer exists, and wanders the Netherworld killing all those that are "evil." Modifying his background, one could make him a servant of one of the factions (the Queen of the Darkness Pagoda comes to mind), where he acts as an assassin. Naturally, his appearance might throw PCs, into thinking he's a transformed Wolf. They may try to revert him or force him into his true form only to learn, this *is* his true form!

Weapons: Fist (7), Kick (8), Blade of the Gods (13) + Soul Twist (7), Katana (10), Wakizashi: (9)

Katsumi Liqueur, Sorceress and member of the Attacked Mystification Police Department

Attributes: Bod 5 (Tgh 6), Chi 0 (Mag 10), Mnd 7 (Wil 8), Ref 7

Skills: Guns 10, Info: History 9, Info: Lucifer Folk 14, Martial Arts 12, Police 10, Sorcery 16

Sorcery Schticks: Blast: (Chi, Disintegration, Fire, Lightning), Divination (Revelation), Summoning (Banishment)

Unique Schtick: Signature Weapon/ Grosspolonia (aka the Emperor of Swords): This is Katsumi's sword. It used to belong to her father, but was locked away in a obelisk after he died. It is a huge weapon and quite intelligent, serving as Katsumi's advisor in all things magical. Katsumi is rather skilled with fighting with Grosspolonia and often dispatches unnamed entities with it. Grosspolonia functions as a magical Variable Mass Sword, doing a grand total of STR +9.

Unique Limitation: They Really Are Out To Get You/ Katsumi is one of the most powerful sorcerers of her time. She is also a "key" to opening gates from this world to others (In FS, this means the Netherworld). Abominations, Ghosts and Supernatural Creatures can easily detect her presence. Thus, she is constantly plagued by assaults from assorted monsters. In FS, she would be a target for virtually everyone. The Lotus would want to use her magical talents, the Architects would probably want to use her to breed super-sorcerers, the Ascended would want her dead, and the Dragons would find her a useful ally. Thankfully, Katsumi's personality is such that she'll readily agree to side with the Dragons.

Katsumi is the primary character of Silent Mobius manga and as such, is usually at the center of what bad is currently happening. She is the daughter of Gigelf and Fuyuka Liqueur, who were the most powerful sorcerer
and sorceress of their generation. Having inherited her parent's magical talents, Katsumi puts them to good use, serving as an officer of the Attacked Mystification Police, and defending the city of Tokyo from assorted supernatural threats.

Despite having a French father and a Japanese mother, Katsumi is technically an American, since she was born and grew up in Hawaii. Katsumi came to Japan to visit her mother in 2024 after Fuyuka fell ill. Several run ins with monsters and the AMP followed, with the result being that Katsumi decided to stay in Tokyo, and join the AMP.

Katsumi is a highly attractive woman, who stands 5'5" and weighs about 115 lbs. She has waist-length blue-black hair, that is normally kept tied up in a bun when she is on duty, and her eyes are bluish-purple. She is 20
years old at the beginning of the series. While on duty, Katsumi wears the standard AMP uniform; off duty she dresses in a variety of casual clothes, preferring blouses, skirts and long dresses.

Katsumi carries the AMK-02 GW Graviton and the HBG-35 Hi-Power Blaster. She also hauls around her sword, Grosspolonia, although she will leave that in her car if needed.

Weapons: Fist (6), Kick (7), Grosspolonia (14), AMK-02 GW Graviton (25/4/3), HBG-35 Hi-Power Blaster ( 10/2/12 regular 13/2/6 creature)

Leona, Ozaki, Maverick Cop

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 0, Mnd 6, Ref 7 (Dex 8)

Skills: Driving 15, Guns 14, Intimidation 10, Leadership 8, Martial Arts 10, Police 10

Driving Schticks: Signature Ride/ Bonaparte cannot be destroyed. you get +2 to Drive skill when behind the wheel of your vehicle

Leona is the main character (aside from Bonaparte the mini-tank) of Masamune Shirow's "Dominion". A former motorcycle police officer from Osaka, she was transferred to the Newport City Tank Police early in her
career. After some initial difficulties (involving Captain Brenten's tank), she settled in as a dedicated and loyal officer of the 'Glorious Tank Police'. Yeah... right... Anyway, she ends up with her own patrol tank (which she names 'Bonaparte'), and uses that to pursue such notorious criminals and Buaku and the Puma Sisters.

Leona normally carries the standard issue Tank Police gear; armored jacket, pistol, SMG, handcuffs, nightstick, radio, light... In addition, she has a fair amount of hand-to-hand combat training (she belongs to
something called the 'Sword League') and has demonstrated reasonable proficiency with firearms. Naturally, she is an excellent tank driver and skilled gunner.

Leona is rather short, standing about 5'5" or so, with a slight , but strong build. She has brown eyes and dark brown hair (in the original "Dominion" anime, her hair is red). She normally dresses in Tank Police fatigues.

Weapons: Fist (6), Kick (7), Berreta 92 Centurion (10/2/15+1), Ingram Mac-10 (10/3/32). She also wears a Heavy Vest
(Tough +2 / Agility -2).

Bonaparte: This tiny tank mounts a 75 mm main gun, 12.5 mm chaingun mounted on the rear, a co-axial taser and a smoke projector. It is fairly fast (Pep +1), and really durable (Wreck of 35). The stats for the guns I
leave up to the GM.

Rally (Larry) Vincent, Killer

Attributes: Bod 6, Chi 0 (For 2), Mnd 7, Ref 8 (Dex 9)

Skills: Deceit 8, Driving 15, Guns 16, Info: Chicago Crime Scene 12, Info: Chicago Area 13, Martial Arts 10

Driving Schticks: Jackrabbit Start/When in a vehicle, add 1 to your Initiative
Greased Lighting/ The shot cost of all your Driving actions is reduced by 1

Carnival of Carnage 2/ Reduce the shot costs of combat against Mooks by 2.
Eagle Eye 2/ Ignore armour on targets. Also ignore 2 pts worth of difficulty modifiers caused by cover or range.
Fast Draw 2/ Add 2 your initiative
Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs/ / +2 to Perception rolls. If you succeed add the Outcome to your next Guns or Active Dodge roll.

Unique Schticks: Favored Pistol/ Rally loves the Cz-75. No, she *adores* the Cz-75. If she can ever get her hands on one (and by this I mean the Czech military model, not that crappy export version) Rally gets a +1 AV to her Guns skill.

Rally Vincent is a bounty hunter (who owns a gun shop on the side), and operates in the Chicago area. Taught to shoot by her father (Larry Vincent), Rally is a marksman of the highest caliber and often takes down her targets by shooting their thumbs off or putting a bullet into some important part of their ordnance. She is also a very accomplished driver, and behind the wheel of her Mustang Shelby GT500KR she's almost unmatched.

Rally stands about 5'6", weighs around 115 lbs, and has deeply tanned skin and shoulder-length black hair. Normally she dresses in the woman's business suit look (pants or skirt, shirt, tie, jacket). If expecting serious trouble, she has been known to don an armored vest (Tough +2 / Agility -2).

Rally owns a gunshop and has access to virtually any firearms she wants. When on a 'mission', she will carry a generic 9mm (pick one) in a shoulder holster, and keeps a Beretta Model 21 Bobcat up one sleeve. If
expecting serious trouble, Rally'll pack a Remington 870 Police.

Shelby Cobra (+2/9) - note, Rally's beloved Cobra may actually be a Signature Ride. It gets wrecked (alot), but it eventually is repaired everytime.

Weapons: Fist (7), Kick (8), 9mm pistol (10/1/17+1), Beretta Bobcat (8/1/8+1), Remington 870 Police (13/5/7)

Ryoga Hibiki, Big Bruiser / Martial Artist

Attributes: Bod 10 (Tgh 12), Chi 0 (Fu 10), Mnd 5 (Wil 7), Ref 8

Skills: Guns 10 (used for bandanna throwing), Info: The World 9, Intrusion 9, Martial Arts 15

Fu Schticks: Note: Fu paths were skipped when selecting Ryoga's schticks
Abundent Leap (2/3) /Leap 4X Your Move rate
Claw of the Tiger (1/3)/ Barehanded strike, Damage is Str+ 3
Dim Mak (2/3)/ Barehanded strike ignores armour
Hands Without Shadow (1/3)/ Martial Arts attack which can't be actively dodged
Lightning Fist (6/3)/ Barehanded strike that ignores Toughness
Prodigious leap (1/1) /Leap twice your Move rate

Signature Weapon: Umbrella/ Ryoga's umbrella is really, really, really heavy. Most people can't even lift it and he swings it around with one hand. Ryoga uses the umbrella to block and attack and has thrown it in
order to hit multiple opponents.

Tiger Stance (1/0)/ After you are damaged by an opponent in hand-to-hand ombat you may launch a free attack on him.

Unique Schticks: Bandanna Barrage/ Ryoga can hurl pieces of his headband like throwing
stars. He never runs out of headband material, either.

Breaking Point Strike/ One of Ryoga's more impressive techniques is his 'Bokusai Tenketsu' or 'Breaking Point Strike' which allows him to shatter boulders with a single blow. This techniques also seems to work on brick walls and the like as well. Objects struck with the 'Bokusai Tenketsu' tend to explode in a big spray of fragments, or are reduced to a small pile of rubble. In order to execute his Breaking Point Strike, Ryoga
executes a Martial Arts attack on a wall with a target number of 10.

Unique Limitations: Jusenkyo Curse/ Ryoga suffers from a bizarre curse, that comes from having been knocked into one of the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo. Since anyone knocked into one of these springs then assumes the from of whatever (or whoever) drowned in said spring (usually 'x'-thousands of years ago), Ryoga took the form of a small black pot-bellied pig. In this from, he has all the powers and abilities of a pig... which isn't saying much, now is it... His ability to turn into a pig is limited by exposure to cold water, he can also return to 'normal' form by getting doused with hot water. Note: *any* significant contact with water will do! Finally, there are about 100 Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo, each with a different curse. So far, I've seen a giant panda, a red haired girl, a cat, a duck and a pig. Cruel GMs can get a lot of mileage out of this.

Perpetually Lost/ Ryoga can't find his way out of an empty house. He has *no* sense of direction. His ability to get around is very plot dependent (ie. he shows up when the GM feels like it), but if he really, really needs to get somewhere have him make a Mind Task Check with a target number of 15.

Ryoga Hibiki is one of the numerous supporting characters in Rumiko Takahashi's insane martial arts manga/anime series, "Ranma 1/2". An in depth explanation of "Ranma 1/2" would take up far to much time; suffice to say that it is one of the *most* popular Japanese manga ever, and as usual, has spawned two TV series, numerous OVAs and several movies.

This character isIncredibly strong, Ryoga has been seen lifting immense ice boulders, ripping telephone poles out of the ground, leaping great distances using just one hand, tossing a huge wild boar about and committing other assorted other acts of great strength. His martial arts techniques seem to reflect this, concentrating on the 'direct' approach, with little or no 'finesse' involved.

Aside from having no sense of direction, Ryoga is also more than a little bit gullible. At one point, he was fooled into thinking vitamin pills were strength drugs (this is the part where he ripped up a telephone pole,
and Japanese telephone poles look to be made out of *concrete*!). Ryoga has a tendency to take any slight, real or imagined, very personally and will not rest until it's avenged. Of course, with his sense of direction,
the avenging part usually takes awhile.

Ryoga stands about 5'6" or so and is broad shouldered, with rather unkempt black hair that looks like it would hang into his eyes if he didn't keep it restrained with the wide headband he always wears. Ryoga is usually
dressed in a tan long sleeved tunic, black pants that are bound about the lower legs, and carries has a large pack upon his back. He is almost never found without his umbrella, which appears to be the standard
Japanese styled umbrella, except that his weighs a *ton*.

His clothing, a backpack and his umbrella.

Weapons: Fist (11), Kick(12), Umbrella (16)

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