The (Inner) Kingdom of Dreams

This is a Feng Shui site based upon the Shadowfist card, House of Mirrors


In the Netherworld, not far from the IKTV broadcast Station can be found the (Inner) Kingdom Of Dreams, the Netherworlds very own funfair.  The Kingdom of Dreams offers all of the attractions that one would expect from a travelling funfair: a (very realistic) ghost train, waltzers, carousels, sharpshooting galleries (very popular), dodgem rides, video arcades and any number of other rides.  It also has the expected number of fast food stalls, shyster booths (find the lady), coconut shy's and anything else that you can think of.  It is one of the few places in the Netherworld that a truce seems to hold and is the one place where you can see High ranking Buro members in the vicinity of a group of Jammers, without both groups trying to disassemble the other.

House of Mirrors - Copyright Melissa BensonIn the centre of this can be found the House of Mirrors a low power Feng Shui site. The House of Mirrors appears to be a large tent like pagoda, like a big top, decked out in gaudy red and yellow stripes. The interior of the pagoda seems a lot larger than the exterior would have a punter believe, most people believe that this is an illusion caused by the confusing maze of mirrors found within.

The Kingdom of Dreams is owned and run by "Sideshow Bob" a tall lanky man who shows great skill with the cards, he takes a hand in running many of the shyster booths around the funfair.  Bob is the hawker and crier for the fair, and does his best to drum up a lot of business.  He is loud, friendly and has no obvious allegiances to any of the factions, it is common knowledge that he is the owner of the Kingdom of Dreams.

Other people of note at the Kingdom are:

If its a Feng Shui site, why haven't the other factions grabbed it yet?

Connections mainly.  The Kingdom of Joy is openly backed by Lusignan the Fool, and most people figure that someone who survived being the volatile, Huan Ken's court jester must be an individual of unique power, and direct confrontation with him is best avoided.

Rumours also persist that the Unspoken Name, has an interest in the place, maybe he has shares or something.  The fair has been shut down at a moments notice a couple of times in its history, during one of these times a snooping band of Jammers swore that they saw a badly wounded Draco sneaking into the fair.  Strangely a few days later, they were all found dead, beaten to death, no one openly speculates about this anymore.

It just probably isn't worth the effort.  Many Geomancers have charted the Feng Shui of the site and it is disappointingly poor, that added to the fact that Sideshow Bob and his companions would make formidable foes.  Six-Gun Sam, for instance is respected by some of the most dangerous Gunsels in the Secret War.

Last but not least, it is convenient to have an area where the factions can meet under a flag of truce, deals can be done, people can relax from the grind of the war, and friendships "across the lines" can be struck up, or continued.

What the Factions Think of the Kingdom of Dreams

Architects of the Flesh

The Buro only come here to use it as a meeting place, and to take advantage of the flag of truce that flies above the place. The Buro has it's own amusement parks, drab and grey that they may be.  It should be accepted as written that a proportion of the thrill seekers at the fair are Buro spies attempting to overhear juicy tidbits of information from members of other factions.

The Eaters of the Lotus

The Kingdom is not one of their favourite sites, but some of the Eunuch Sorcerers are thrill junkies and seem to get their rocks off (so to speak) on some of the faster rides.  Gao Zhang has not issued a decree on this as of yet, and his minions take this as tacit approval.  The Eaters have recently started ambushing groups travelling back from the Kingdom, a technical infringement of the rules, that the other factions will soon bring a halt to.  Again it is fairly widely known that at least some of the throng found their must be Lotus spies.

The Ascended

Other than when business calls, the Ascended aren't seen at the Kingdom of Dreams, lets face it they have access to much better amusement parks in the Contemporary Juncture.  Pledged spies do frequent the fair though, and it is not unknown for a Lodge operative to spend a week there just to prove how hard they are.

The Guiding Hand

Quan Lo heavily disapproves of this example of western decadence, and has forbidden any of the Hand to even enter the Kingdom without his permission.  That said, his monks do conduct business there, and if you do see Shaolin monks at the fair, it is a sure sign that Quan Lo is negotiating a deal with another faction.  This is of course another example of Quan Lo's rigidity of thinking turning into a disadvantage.  Wong Fei Hong was seen there once, being guided around by Aunt Yee, and Fong Sai Yuk can't seem to stay away from the place, his hot head has come close to breaking the truce more than once. It is widely suspected that Hand spies have infiltrated the vendors of the food stalls.  Jack Donovan once famously said "Even the noodle lady turned out to be a guerrilla fighting against the foreign powers."

The Jammers

Popcorn, candyfloss, rides, Parrrteee.........  The Jammers come here just to kick back and relax.  They also regularly visit Joe, the Grease Monkey, he used to be one of them, until he fell from the light.  There may be spies, but frankly nobody thinks the Jammers are organised enough to place any.

The Four Monarchs

This and IKTV are the closest thing to organised entertainment that can be found in the Inner Kingdom, and as such the subjects of the monarchs are the largest clientele of the fair.  Of course, the conniving rulers of the Inner Kingdom, never miss out on an opportunity to cause a little mischief, and many a deal has been brokered here.  Are there any Monarch spies at the Kingdom of Dreams?  Does a bear shi...err, yes.

The Dragons

They visit, they look around, they even do a little business.  Then they go to Disneyland and really enjoy themselves...until somebody tries to assassinate them on Space Mountain that is.

Fists of Corruption

They are not even aware of the Netherworld at this point in time, even if they were, it is doubted that they even know how to enjoy themselves.

The Legion of Vengeful Darkness

Mal Ank is very aware of the Kingdom of Dreams and has visited it in both his Horned Death and XHD 16399 persona, he has recruited (liberated) some of his oppressed demonic brothers at the Kingdom, and intends to burn it to the ground the first chance he gets.

The Secrets of the (Inner) Kingdom of Dreams

Click here to discover them, unless your a player, in which case you must stay away!.

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