Secrets of The (Inner) Kingdom of Dreams

This is the secrets of the Feng Shui site House of Mirrors, and The (Inner) Kingdom of Dreams.  Special thanks to David Eber and Scott Pyle for the Jammertech and Cyber Ape rules and Doug Wojtowicz (with a nod to Joe Kilmartin) and Carl Cramér for their Fu Paths.  Bo-Bo Thanks you

The True Story

Sideshow Bob, or Robert Mckensie as he was known to his parents is a swindler and a cheat, if a lovable one. He is a a (more or less) loyal subject of Pi Tui, eeking a living from low level scams and cons, constantly on the look out for the Ice Queen's warriors. He was in their custody when the Critical Shift that removed the Four Monarchs occurred, and was hustled into the Inner Kingdom by his captors, in the confusion he escaped.

Newly arrived in the Netherworld, and very confused, he stumbled upon the House of Mirrors, and something within it sang to him, a germ of an idea started to grow within his mind, he could scam and cheat legitimately. Betting his life on the roll of a dice, he convinced one of Li Ting's Champions to Shape most of the Kingdom of Dreams as it can be found today.

The first couple of years, life was very difficult for Sideshow Bob, the fairground was the site of many pitch battles, and people started to avoid the Kingdom of Dreams. It was only the patronage of the Unspoken Name (see below) and The Jammers, that kept the place open, and Bob alive.

Then one day Lusignan the Fool, made an unannounced visit to the fair and seemed to enjoy himself very much. Bob hit upon another plan to save his park, he let it be known that Lusignan had brought the park from Bob, and would be extremely unhappy if anything should happen to disrupt business there. Most people seemed to accept this story at face value, only the Prof. of the Dragons questioned it briefly, and seemed amused by the idea. Lusignan himself said nothing to disprove the story.

Pretty soon things settled down, the Kingdom of Dreams became a sort of neutral ground for the combatants of the Secret War, a place where they could meet and discuss deals or just kick back with a deadly enemy who was also a great guy, when the guns were put away. It became a favourite with the Displaced also, there are some weird people at the Kingdom of Dreams.

Then disaster struck, Ming I, Queen of Darkness, somehow discovered Bob's secret and made him a deal that he couldn't refuse. Bob would carry on with the charade, but Ming I would really be the one who called the shots. Publicaly he would still run the Kingdom of Dreams, but privately he would defer to her lieutenant Lady Latina (the only name he knows her by) who would be employed as the Kingdom's Fortune Teller. Ming I is aware of Bob's arrangement with the Lodge and is content to allow that to continue for now (again see below). Over the next few months she placed a few of her other servants in other key positions within the Kingdom of Dreams.

Bob is desperate, he is mortally afraid of Lady Latina and the rest of the new arrivals and is helpless. Lady Latina has a talent for reading minds and always seems to know what Bob is thinking. She directed Hercules to beat Bob within a inch of his life once when she decided that he was thinking of going to the Prof. for help, which he must admit he was. He knows that Lady Latina and her crew are some sort of assassination team for Ming I. To make things worse, Lady Latina is aware of the Power of the House of Mirrors, and it will be only a matter of time until she decides to have him killed and replaced with a reflection.

Bob is not sure, but he believes that the ambushes that The Eaters of the Lotus have been recently getting the blame for, are actually the work of Ming I, removing those who get close to discovering the secret of the (Inner) Kingdom of Dreams.

House of Mirrors, Benefits of Attunement

The House of Mirrors is actually a fairly powerful Feng Shui site with some unusual powers. The mirrors serve to reflect all the chi generated by the site and directing it to a mirror in the dead centre of the pagoda. This mirror is unremarkable, but until it is broken all the other mirrors are impervious to damage, breaking the central mirror also destroys the site and classes as burning the Feng Shui site.

The House of Mirrors has three main powers, apart from the usual ones detailed in the main rulebook:

At this time Ming I, Lady Latina and her comrades are attuned to the House of Mirrors, Sideshow Bob is no longer attuned.

Major GMC's

Sideshow Bob, Desperate Gambler, and Owner of the (Inner) Kingdom of Dreams

Bod  6 Chi 3(For 7, Fu 5)  Mnd 6 (Cha 7)  Ref  8

Skills Gambling 15, Guns 13, Martial Arts 13, Seduction 13

Gun Schticks Fast Draw/Add 1 to your Initiative at the start of the sequence, first action has to be a gun attack Or

(Alternative Gun Schticks)  Fast Draw (1/0)/Draw a gun as a 0 shot action.

Fu Schticks  Path of Flying Steel: Hail of Steel (1/3)/Throw a pair of daggers, shuriken or a handful of needles. Base Damage is 10.  (Sideshow Bob is also able to use a deck of cards for the same effect)

Unique Shtick: Homebrew Gambler Shtick/swap the value on the positive and negative dice, costs a For point to do so.

Weapon 2 Daggers (9), American Derringer Mini Cop (11/1/4), Many decks of cards (10), Fist (7), Kick (8)

Sample Dialogue "Come one, come all, see if you can find the Lady.  You Sir, you look like you have a quick eye, fancy to try your luck?"

Distinguishing Marks: A tall gangly man who dresses in the traditional fair barkers uniform, top hat and all, dresses in gaudy mismatched colours.  I think of him as Willy Wonker or Captain Trips (who will get that reference I wonder?)

Notes:  Sideshow Bob is a truly desperate man, he finds himself in a nightmare, surrounded by people who will kill him soon and he can see know way out of it.  He is not a bad man, just not honest, and is not a killer.  Definite Dragon martial if he can survive this situation.

Lady Latina, Fortune Teller, and Darkness Mage

Bod  5  Chi 1 (Mag 8)   Mnd  7 (Per 9)  Ref   7

Skills Info/History 11, Info/Netherworld 13, Info/Tarot 10, Sorcery !5

Sorcery Schticks Blast (Painful memory of past injuries), Divination, Summoning, Movement, Influence

Weapon  Blast (10), Fist (6), Kick (7)

Sample Dialogue "Ahhh.....I see your future..I see...Darkness"

Distinguishing Marks   A beautiful woman in her early thirties,of obvious Spanish or Latin American extraction, she dresses in long flowing, revealing dresses.  Think Catherine Zeta Jones in Zorro (yeah I know she is Welsh, but...)

Notes  The real power behind The Kingdom of Dreams, and one of Ming I's most favoured servants.  Lady Latina uses her position as the resident fortune teller to divine the secrets of her clients.  She is ruthless and a cold blooded killer, leading her chosen group of assassins against any that Ming I designates without compunction.

Hercules, Strongman and Killer

Bod  11 (Tough 12)  Chi 1   Mnd 5   Ref  7 

Skills Martial Arts 14, Guns 10, Intimidation 13

Unique Shtick Big Bruiser Unique Schtick/50 WP

Fu Schticks Path of the Selective Master : Signature Weapon (0/0)/+3 damage and the weapon is indestructible. (sledgehammer)

Weapons   Sledgehammer (17), Desert Eagle .50 Magnum (12/1/9+1), Colt King Cobra (11/3/6)

Sample Dialogue  "Come Little man, let me see you test your Strength against me!"

Distinguishing Marks  Large muscle bound man, his face is partially hidden by a large beard and a lattice work of scars .

Notes  A few months before he died at the Red Lantern Tavern in 1850, during the Operation Killdeer Massacre, Mad Dog McCroun visited the Kingdom of Dreams and got lost in the House of Mirrors.  Lady Latina could not believe her luck, when she saw that she could conjure the evil twin of the famous dead Dragon hero.  Day's later the Strongman Hercules joined her team of assassins.

Six-Gun Sam, Trick shot and phantom gunslinger

Bod  5  Chi 2 (Mag 4)  Mnd  5  Ref 8 

Skills  Deciet 12, Driving (horse) 13, Guns 15, Info/Wild West 12, Creature powers 8

Gun Schticks Fast Draw/Add 1 to your Initiative at the start of the sequence, first action has to be a gun attack

Signature Weapon/+3 damage and the weapon is indestructible. (Colt .45 Peacemaker)

Lightening Reload(3)/Gun never runs out of bullets  Or

(Alternative Gun Schticks)  Fast Draw (1/0)/Draw a gun as a 0 shot action.

Shot Cost: (3/0)/Add 3 to the result of your Initiative Roll. Your first action must be a Guns attack.

Ricochet (X/3)/Shoot your opponent from an unexpected direction by bouncing your shot off nearby surfaces. Make a Guns task check with a difficulty equal to 10 + X (where X is the number of bounces the shot will make). If you succeed, you may attack your opponent normally, regardless of cover or line-of-sight.

Signature Weapon (0/0)/+3 damage and the weapon is indestructible. (Colt .45 Peacemaker)

Itchy Trigger (3/0)/Reduce any 3 shot Guns action to a 1 shot action.

Creature Schticks  Insubstantial/Pass through items at a rate equal to your Creature Power roll in inches (cant pass through Alcohol, Lead, Vegetation, Sand and Canvas

Weapon Colt .45 Peacemaker (13/3/6)

Sample Dialogue "Yer think yer faster than me boy, better think again.  Even the fella who put me in th'grave found he wazn't up to the job second time around"

Distinguishing Marks Six-Gun Sam dresses in traditional western garb, long droopy moustache, the whole nine yards. Think Sam Elliot in Tombstone.

Notes  Sam was a Badass when he was alive, now that he is dead, he is twice as bad.  Sam was summoned by Lady Latina, after she dug up his grave.  He hung around with her, because he fell in love as soon as he saw her, he always did have a thing for Mexican gals.  It must also said that in sticking with her, he gets to do what he do best, putting holes in varmints.

Joe, Grease Monkey and Everyorangutang Villain

Bod   6 Chi   1 (For 6) Mnd  7  Ref  8  (Dex 4)

Skills Martial Arts 13, Fix-it 14, Jammertech 13, Guns 10

Unique Shtick The Everyman Hero Unique Schticks/For checks equal maximum stat, and improvised weapon = +1

Jammer Schticks Robot arm (1 Boom point per sequence)/Strength 12, with the following Options: retractable claws , energy blast and shooting grapple-fist (100 meters of super-strong nylon cord )

Jet Pack (Boom points: 2 per sequence used)/This allows the character to fly with a Move of 10. When this is activated the GM secretly rolls a die. This is the number of sequences the character can remain airborne.  Can be used three times before it needs re-fueling 

Weapon Punch (13 with Robot arm, 7 with normal arm), Kick (8), Retractable claws (14), Energy Blast (15), Shooting fist (13)

Sample Dialogue " Next one of you hairless apes calls me a Grease Monkey, I am gonna rip your arm off and use it as a backscratcher, and if I like ya, I'll make sure it ain't your trigger pulling arm, do you get my drift"?

Distinguishing Marks  Joe is a 220 pound Orangutang with a robotic arm and a Jet pack, how distinctive do you want?

Notes As far as the Jammers are concerned Joe is a retired operative, a rather gentle soul, who ran away to join the circus. It is well known that the weapons that Joe possesses are due to a drunken prank committed by Furious George one beer soaked night, and Joe has never used them in anger.

The truth is far nastier,  Joe is dead, murdered by Bo-Bo and Lady Latina during his first visit to the House of Mirrors, his Reflection was summoned, the plan being that he could infiltrate the Jammers and report to Ming I when they planned to attack one of her Feng Shui sites.  Unfortunately the Reflection proved to be a psychopathic Ape decked out with lazer guns, and titanium claws.  He isn't up to the subtlety that the mission requires.  He joined Lady Latina's crew as their Grea...errr, Foreman, tasked with keeping the rides running smoothly.  As long as he kills about once a month, he can keep up the pretence that he is the gentle Joe.

Bo-Bo The Clown, master of cruel comedy

Bod  5  Chi  2 (Fu 8)  Mnd  5  Ref  9i

Skills  Info/Slapstick comedy 12, Leadership 9, Martial Arts 15

Fu Schticks  Path of Jeet Kune Moe: Circling Fist of the Idiot (5/6)/Make a Martial Arts check, then bait an opponent to strike an offered fist. If successfully, add the amount of the foe's Martial Arts AV to your own and strike him with no defenses. However, if your foe boxcars positive, or you boxcar negative, the attack's full outcome is made against your skull. Foes resist with Mind, Int, or Knowledge:Slapstick Comedy. The Mind and Int rolls are at -2.

Hands of the Brilliant Idiot (X/3)/Subtract X from the shot total of an opponent by fluttering your hand in front of his face. Resisted by Chi or Fu, or whichever is Higher.

Whirlwind of the Ignoramuses (Chi: Special Shot: Special)/By spending all Chi/Fu and all shots of the round, the user then makes a successful Martial Arts action to hook one foe (preferably through the sleeve of a soon to be doffed jacket, but a hooked arm will do), and use him as a shield. For that sequence, and every subsequent sequence afterwards where the shots and chi are spent, anyone who makes a hand to hand attack against the Martial Artist strikes the hooked opponent, who then spins around and the initial Martial Arts AV value is used against the attacker to damage him. Named Characters must make a Knowledge: Slapstick Comedy, or a Mind-2 roll to figure out that they have to hit the shield to strike the user, but the Martial Artist will then abort and be limited to only 3 shots for the rest of the turn, and cannot reinitiate the Whirlwind of the Ignoramuses for a sequences equal to the Outcome of the successful attack.

Path of the Laughing Monkey  Monkey Roll (1/1)/Dodge by rolling along the ground under most attacks. You make a normal Move, even through a tight formation of enemies or obstacles. You can even roll up walls or trees.  After you have been damaged by an attack, you can use Monkey Roll to roll with the punch to reduce the damage. Make a Move in the direction of the attack. Naturally, you opponent decides upon the direction of his attack, but he may not realize the significance before you do the Monkey Roll. Then halve the number of Wound points taken from the attack (round Wound Points in the attack's favor).  If the attack is a throw or causes knockdown, such as Monkey Toss or Beast Roll, that movement is considered part of the movement for Flying Monkey, and you continue to move in the same direction. As long as the enforced movement does not exceed your Move, you don't loose any shots because of it.

Monkey Toss (3/ 3)/Grab an opponent and roll along the ground with him, finally tossing him away. This is a Martial Arts attack that does damage equal to your Strength, soaked by his Strength. If you do any damage at all, you can make an additional normal Move, and take your opponent along for the ride. You then let go and throw him a number of meters equal to the Wound Points inflicted in a direction of your choice.  A target that is thrown looses one shot for each meter he is hurled while regaining his bearings.

Path of the Leaping Storm: Prodigious leap (1/1) /Leap twice your Move rate

Weapon: Fist (6), Kick (7)

Sample Dialogue: "Come on then, Come on then, hit me, hit me"

Distinguishing Marks: Bo-Bo dresses as the archetypal clown but with a cruel glint to his eyes, he has a white grease paint face with fake tears inked onto his cheeks.  Eyes have been painted onto his eyelids, and his lips are blood red.

Notes: Bo-Bo was once upon a time, a very long time ago, Ming I's court jester.  Then one day his jests went to far, and she sentenced him to death, on the spot.  Suddenly he found a new use to put his slapstick skills to eluding and damaging her champions as they chased him around the throne room.  Eventually he was subdued, but the Queen had a change of heart, seeing combat potential in her fools moves, and so she made Bo-Bo an offer he couldn't refuse, become her pet killer or die.  and so one of the strangest killers entered the Secret War.  The Kingdom of Dreams is his latest assignment and he finds that it suits him very much.  Bo-Bo hates the killing, but he loves the tragi-comedy that his life now often encounters. The Harlequins, Bo-Bo's crew of tumbling clowns are Mook Reflections of himself

The Geek, The Man who has Mastered Pain

Bod  10  Chi   (Mag 8) Mnd  3   Ref  8

Skills: Creature Powers 15, Martial Arts 14

Creature Shticks  Death Resistance/Add +9 AV when making Death Checks.

Regeneration/Regenerates 2 WP's per sequence

Weapon Punch (11), Kick (12)

Sample Dialogue "Ow, That, what is the word?...hurt"

Distinguishing Marks  A Large Muscely man with a bald head that is covered in a myriad of scars.  His whole body is a road map of pain, covered in scars and old wounds.  He wears only a pair of cut down jeans.  Picture that Geeky guy with the bulging eyes in The Hills Have Eyes  (have I just shown my age?)

Notes: The Geek is actually a Supernatural Creature, although only Lady Latina knows this.  The Geek is her Familiar demon.  If his Jeans are ever removed (why this would happen I have no idea) it will be revealed that he has no means of expelling waste substances (ahem..), thus revealing his demonic origins.  The Geek has a show at the Fair hammering nails into his own head, it is strangely popular. 

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