Thorn Hound


Max Threat: Superior
Benchmark: 8        

+3 Dfn,

+3 Dam, -2 Soak, -10HP, +6 Res
Move: 20        
Mix: 0.4        


If further proof was needed that the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim are agents of the Trickster God Loki, then the dreaded Thorn Hounds go along way to providing it.

Thorn Hounds are no doubt created by the application of some foul dark magic. This Magic breathes deadly life into the bloated, diseased briars that carpets the forest floors of the Dark Elves kingdom. The creature that results, resembles a twisted knot of tangled vines and stems all sporting 3 inch long wicked looking thorns that constantly drips a poisonous looking sap. When roused the Thorn Hound assumes a vaguely wolf like shape, complete with burning green eyes.

A few, even more frightening, Thorn Hounds are able to expel a hail of barbed thorns from their bodies. They can be frighteningly accurate with these attacks, as many a scarred Norseman will testify.

These abominations patrol the forests of Svartalfheim, hunting down trespassers. They are usually stealthy hunters, although it has been noted that they will attack Elves from Alfheim with all the subtlety and self-preservation of a manically depressed Rock Goblin.

Design Notes:

I hope that the Icons speak for themselves, although I do feel the need to explain my choices for the adjusts.

+3 Dfn: This is a combination of a body made purely from twisted vegetation, through which an arrow may pass causing no harm, and the vicious barbed thorns that cover its body. Even the bravest Viking thinks twice before shoving his broadsword (and arms) into a briar patch.

+3Dam: Those thorns again.

-2 Soak: There isn't a lot to these creatures... They certainly aren't armoured.

-10 HP: If you can hit them, they aren't that difficult to stop.

+6 Res: The Thorn Hound is an ambulatory thorn bush and will only be usually encountered in the Forests of Svartalfheim, they could be difficult to spot if they so chose.

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