Sundered Sky to Be Published

I am very pleased to announce that Sundered Sky will be published as a hardback, plot point, setting this winter by Pinnacle Entertainment Group plc for the superb Savage Worlds game system.

The manuscript first draft is finished and Sundered Skies is now in the very capable hands of Simon Lucas.

The Sundered Skies began where every other world will end. Armageddon.

Now islands orbit one another in a fathomless void where exposure to the eternal light can warp even a saint into a bestial savage. Sailors navigate this void in skyships, risking death from terrible beasts, pirates or necromantic death barges to bring water, food and more to resource-starved islands. Scavengers brave unknown dangers in ruins, hoping to discover ancient relics or valuable salvage.

The survivors of the sundering are secretive dwarves, doomed elves, vilified orcs, humans, enslaved wildlings, mysterious glowborn and dragon-blessed drakin. They must work together in an uneasy and imposed peace to survive the harsh world they find themselves in.

But, there is a secret, a secret that even the gods themselves have sought to forget. Soon a band of adventurers will discover that secret and the skies, and everything within, will be in the deadliest of peril.

For soon the Skies could be sundered all over again!

Battlepriest Trappings: There are nine gods in the Sundered Skies, of which seven can be worshipped by Player Characters. Detailed here are the trappings of just one of these gods.

Drakin: There are seven playable races in the Sundered Skies. Detailed here are the dragon worshipping drakin. Chosen of the Drakin can slowly metamorphose into dragons themselves.

Glowmadness: The Sundered Skies glow with a perpetual light - there is no sun, there is just The Glow. exposure to this light can mutate even the saintliest of souls into a bestial hate filled savage.