I have been playing this excellent game since it was first released in 1996, and think that it is one of the coolest games on the market. Below is some of the material that my fevered imagination has produced, there is more to come.  Since I have started this site I have also received several excellent contributions, good stuff.

                                                                Fists of Legend - Copyright April Lee

Forms and Utilities

Scenarios  Abysmal Horror - Copyright Rob Alexander

Feng Shui Sites  Grove of Willows - Copyright Rob Alexander

Organisations and Factions

Shticks and Stats

Archetypes and GMC's

Feng Victoriana

Fu Paths  Shaolin Warrior - Copyright Ron Spencer

Transformed Animals  Military Commandant - Copyright Mike Kimble

JammerTech  Resistance Squad - Copyright Heather Hudson


Arcanotech  Helix Rethread - Copyright Ron Spencer

Magic Items and Unconventional Weaponry

Other Stuff




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