The pages that I visit regularly, they are chock-a-block full of great gaming stuff.



:  The company that  publishes Feng Shui.  Reward their great taste by visiting their web site and purchasing all their other superb products, like Unknown Armies , Over the Edge, and Rune , all Uber Games in their own right.


Feng Shui Listserv:  If you want to subscribe to this just click here and type SUBSCRIBE FENGSHUI in the body of the message.  This a friendly and fairly buzzing list that has thrown up many a cool idea.

Steve Barr's homepage: Useful Feng Shui site with details on non-existant guns, an exhaustive shot by shot examination of the Teahouse battle in Hard Boiled, and more.

The Dragons Decor: By Tony Botz. Also contains material from John Seavey, one of my fellow authors on Seal of the Wheel, and all around good guy.

Comrade in Arms: An Uber list of characters created by those good folks on the Feng Shui Listserv, really nicely presented.

Fantasy Feng Shui: Nice Site detailing a Conversion from good old AD&D to Feng Shui,

FENG:  John Harpers site.  Small yet beautifully formed, contains house rules and the sublime Alternative Gun Shtick System that we use here in our corner of good old Blighty.

Feng Shui: This is Bryant Durrells site and the first place to go when looking for new shticks, creature powers, new weapons Jammer powers, Archetypes, Feng Shui sites etc.  In fact there is too much to list, just go there, you will not be disappointed.

The Fortress of Shadow: This site is equally as good, this is a first rate site for scenarios.  It is also the home of the Fight List, a help to any referee, Dark Age character profiles, and an excellent guide to Hong Kong Movies, each one is reviewed from a gamers point of view.  This is the site I visit before I buy an HK movie.

The Jade Agenda:  What can I say about this site that hasn't already been said?  This site is an excellent resource, full of  Shticks, Archetypes, excellent campaign ideas and essays on how to avoid power-gaming.

Evan James Feng Shui Page: Nice Page with plenty of detail on new Transformed animals, Arcanowave Shticks, Feng Shui Supers and more.

Starfox's Home Page: Site that details the T3 game, an adaptation of the Feng Shui rules, contains several Home-brew rules that would sit nicely in any game.

Allen Varney's homepage: Allen is the author of Shaolin Heartbreak a rather excellent scenario found in the out of print Daedalus supplement Marked for Death , which he has kindly made available on his site. Maureem Wei. a character who I used (and abused) in my scenario for Seal of the Wheel, first appears in Heartbreak.

The French company who have translated Feng Shui have a very good site - If only I spoke French!




: The homepage of this superb game. Chock full of great stuff


Godlike Mailing list: Click here to join this busy and friendly list.

Godlike Forum: A new message board for those who wish to discuss this great game in all its incarnations.

Call of Cthulhu Godlike: Cedric Chin's quick and easy conversion between the systems.

Cosmic: Rowdy Scarlett's new Godlike site. Nice write-ups of Axis talents.

Golden Age Godlike: Scott Harris' site with many excellent write-ups of superheroes and villians from the Golden Age of Comics.

Red Mercury: Stan Brown's website detailing his Dirty Dozen style campaign.

Takeda: A Sengoku Saga using GODLIKE rules.


Fist of the Wolf


 This is the company that behind the superb setting of  the World of Darkness, and is the inspiration behind my Fist of the Wolf conversion.  I say again, the background is excellent.  They also publish the excellent Aberrant RPG



Lady Mox's World of Darkness Graphics Page:  This Page is full of great WoD stuff and is the place where I got all the Glyph images the Fist of the Wolf pages use.


Sundered Sky

: Savage Worlds, the most complete, Fun Fast and Furious game available today? Dowload the Test Drive rules and decide for yourself!


: That great bunch of people who publish Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. Thanks, you did a wonderful job.

: The official site and chock full of Bufftastic goodbess.


: The Clearing house for all fan created buffy material.

: Website for the City of Dreams campaign

: This website contains all sorts of great stuff including conversions of The Crow and Cyberpunk settings. Also contains details of the Pittsburgh Chronicles, an ongoing series.

Robbie's BtVS RPG Page: No longer updated, This page contains a short scenario featuring the official cast that was run at GenCon UK 2002 and several alternative character sheets.

Sparky's BtVS RPG Page: Nicely designed page that contains character sheets, stats for Willow Season one and a couple of homebrew characters

Nicks BtVS RPG Page: Loads of stuff on this site; alternative rules, character sheets, scenario write-ups and character write-ups. Good stuff.

Getting Mediveal: You want spells, new and from the show? Then this is the place for you. There is so much on this site I can't even begin to list it here.

John Kim's Buffy Page: Spellbooks, play aids and more can be found on this site

Slaying Days: The website for a UK based Buffy campaign. Details on the settings surrounds, cast members and session details abound.



RPG.Net: Excellent site that keeps you up to date on all the goings on in the RPG world. Before I buy anything,  I always check it out in the review section.

Archipels Official Site: This is where you can get all the latest goings on in the Archipels setting, published by Oriflam. If you can speak French that is.

Didier Florentz (AKA Zéphyr) : The personal website of the artist who produces all those lovely Oriflam Feng Shui covers


If you want your site mentioned here just e-mail me and I'll gladly add you.