This is another game by the excellent Atlas Games, written by Robin Laws. This is a competative Roleplaying game that actually has a winner at the end of the session, not only that but every body takes turns being the GM. This provokes all sorts of one upmanship and kill stealing. I was involved in playtesting this little beauty and enjoyed every minute of it.

Forms and Utilities


Gallery of Beastly Foes


Rune Encounter Exchange

Here, with the permission and support of Atlas Games, I shall post encounters for your Rune games. Contributions, not only welcome, but they are necassary. Please send your encounters in .RTF form and your maps as either .GIFS or .JPGS.

Check back regularly and download an encounter for your next Rune game. Check with your fellow Vikings which encounters they are using (each will have a descriptive, yet vague title) so that you don't all turn up with the same one. No peeking, cheating is the act of a true servant of Loki!

Send your encounters here, be sure too include your name in the email, the Gods of Asgard will be keeping a tally of those who have aided the fight against Loki. Your award will surely be more than a warm fuzzy feeling. If you could include a sentence or two as a summary of the encounter including whether it is a Cushion or Plot encounter. If for any reason the link above does not work then send the encounter to

Finally, although I will be stalwart and diligent, I cannot garauntee that Loki's gremlins will not change some of the content of these encounters. Neither I, nor Atlas Games can be held responsible for inapropriate content.

Important News: Atlas Games have agreed that any encounter series sent into the exchange will net the Viking that sends it 50 Victory Points. Truly are that small valiant band known as Atlas Games worthy of the title Viking.

Plot Encounters:

King Haldor's Orb by Chris Camfield. Synopsis: the Vikings are sent by their village to retrieve the magic orb of a long-dead King.

Save the Princess by Paul Beakley. Synopsis: The heroes are sent to recover the chieftain's bride, but the journey is longer than they expected.


Cushion Encounters

A Test of Viking Virtue by Michelle A. Brown Nephew: Synopsis: A cushion encounter set in the Underground ... While exploring the passages of the Underground, you stumble into a place holy to the gods; here you will be tested by Tyr in a Trial by Justice that requires an act of spectacular suffering, by Thor in a Trial by Combat that pits you against a divine wendol, and by Odin in a Trial by Wisdom that tests your knowledge of the epic poem Beowulf. (Link to a .PDF document)

Blothdag by Robert Farmer: Synopsis: The villagers maypole celebration ends in kidnap and violence.

Crunchy Crystals by Jason D Smith. Synopsis: The Horde discovers Loki's servants are collecting crystals for some fiendish purpose.

Goblin Goodies Galore by Michelle A. Brown Nephew: Synopsis: An Intoductory cushion encounter set in the Underground ... An ambush by devious goblins sends your horde tumbling down into a fissure, where you find a magnificent treasure resting at the bottom of an underground lake; when you risk life and limb to retrieve the treasure, you trigger an invisible barrier that covers the surface of the lake, trapping you and your fellow warriors beneath watery depths! (Link to a .PDF document)

Labyrinth of the Beast by David Trimboli: Synopsis: The heroes fall into an ancient dwarven maze designed to study the behavior of men. They must find the way out, overcoming creatures and tests. The exit is guarded by a fearsome beast.

The Hidden Tomb by David Plank: Synopsis: The heroes discover a map that leads them to an unplundered tomb.

The Minions of Loki by Caryn Greene: Synopsis: The heroes stumble across a fell and dangerous mining operation.New

That Ol' Goblin Magic by David Trimboli: Synopsis: The heroes make their way through a
remote goblin outpost, and must defeat a goblin shaman.

The Tomb of Thorvald Skaalslammer by Chris Aylott. Synopsis: The heroes stumble into an old tomb, and the only way out may be to rob it. Isn't that just too bad?


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