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This site is dedicated to some of the Role Playing Games that I play in my spare time, these are:

One of the best games on the market in my humble opinion.  Published by Atlas Games.  This is the game of cinematic action in the style of Hong Kong movies such as Hard Boiled, The Killer, Once upon a Time in China, and anything starring Jackie Chan; as well as more "Hollywood" movies such as Face/Off, Charlies Angels and most definitely The Matrix.. The Genocide Lounge is the main hang-out of the anarchist Jammers, a faction from this superb game, hence the title of this site.

: A stunning game from Eden studios. This game manages to capture the flavour of the series perfectly, and it is the first time that I have ever been won over by a licensed game before. I Love this game.

Atlas Games again, The competative roleplaying game. Written by Robin Laws, this is a Roleplaying game where players gleefully steal kills off of one another and everyone takes turns as the GM, what's more at the end of the session somebody wins!

:Superhero Roleplaying in a World On Fire. The excellent RPG written by Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze, produced by Pagan Publishing and published by Hobgoblynn Press. Gritty Superhero gaming during World War II.


A Plot Point Setting for the sublime Savage Worlds game, published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group plc. To be published later this year.

SaVage Dungeons & Dragons I am officially insane, for only a mad person would even consider converting D20 D&D to Savage Worlds. This is a conversion of the OGL only, so you won't find anything that Wizards hasn't declared Open Material.

Fist of the Wolf:  This is my project to, convert White Wolf's World of Darkness to the Feng Shui system.  This is a huge undertaking, but I am getting there.

Links: Sites that I visit regularly, well, the ones that I am going to tell you about, anyway.

Comments: Let me know what you think, don't worry I can take criticism, I'm married.  Contributions are greatly appreciated




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